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  • Thumbnail for School

    Most Japanese schools have classrooms connected by outdoor hallways.

  • Thumbnail for Red Dancer
    Red Dancer

    Tomb painting of a red dancer.

  • Thumbnail for Ellora, Jain Caves, Adinatha, first tirthankara
    Ellora, Jain Caves, Adinatha, first tirthankara

    The Jain religious tradition traces its origins to the first jina or conqueror, Adinatha, whose name means the original lord. Adinatha is accepted as the first of 24 tirthankaras, human beings who conquered desire and anger to reach a state of complete liberation. The 24 tirthankaras demonstrate that all beings have the potential to achieve liberation by following the path of absolute non-violence.

  • Thumbnail for Chairman Mao greets Red Guards
    Chairman Mao greets Red Guards

    A photo of Chairman Mao in military uniform greeting Red Guards at the outset of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

  • Thumbnail for Ellora, Jain Caves, Yaksha's elephant seat
    Ellora, Jain Caves, Yaksha's elephant seat

    The yaksha guardian, Matanga, sits on a grand elephant who has knelt to offer his back as a seat for the yaksha. The sculptor has placed a lotus bud in the trunk of the elephant to show his docile nature in the presence of this yaksha protector.

  • Thumbnail for Akihito Takes a Wife
    Akihito Takes a Wife

    Image taken at the wedding ceremony of Prince Akihito and Shoda Michiko. The prince deviated from previous tradition in marrying a woman of his own choosing.

  • Thumbnail for Great Wall of China, Detail 1
    Great Wall of China, Detail 1

    Photo of a view of the great wall through a portal as a guard would have viewed it.

  • Thumbnail for Great Wall of China, Detail 2
    Great Wall of China, Detail 2

    Sepia-toned photo of snow-filled crevice in the Great Wall.

  • Thumbnail for Rice Cookers
    Rice Cookers

    High-end rice cookers for sale in a department store.

  • Thumbnail for Children's Books
    Children's Books

    A display of childrens books at a bookstore in a Tokyo department store.

  • Thumbnail for Grocery Store Display:  Pocky
    Grocery Store Display: Pocky

    Pocky, a very popular treat all around the world, was created in Japan.

  • Thumbnail for Poem and Cypress Trees
    Poem and Cypress Trees by Konoe Nobutada and Hasegawa Tohaku

    Among Konoe Nobutada's masterpieces is this six-panel screen that includes a waka poem - energetically inscribed in oversized kana - surrounding a sensitively brushed ink painting of a cypress grove. Recent scholarship has attributed the painting to Hasegawa Tohaku, based on a stylistic comparison to the brushwork and artistic expression of his famous Pines in Mist. - John T Carpenter

  • Thumbnail for Crane Scroll, Part 1
    Crane Scroll, Part 1 by Sotatsu, Tawaraya , Koetsu, Hon'ami

    The scroll, almost fifteen meters long, was designed to be viewed section by section. Delicate silver cranes dance across a golden shore, gliding through clouds of gold, sometimes in graceful formation, other times frolicking. The lavish gold and silver under painting, attributed to Tawaraya Sotatsu, captures the eye first, however it was not intended to be viewed as a self-sustaining composition, but rather as a background to highlight the darlky inked strokes created by the calligrapher's brush. Boldly inscribed by Hon'ami Koetsu in his distinctive calligraphic style, the texts include famous court verses, one by each of the Thirty-six Immortal Poets 0 famous poets of ancient Japan. - from text by John Carpenter.

  • Thumbnail for Li Hongzhang
    Li Hongzhang

    Li Hongzhang, one of the prominent ministers under Prince Gong during the late Qing Dynasty, concerned with provincial reform; also assigned to go to Japan and negotiate with the victors there after the victorious maneuver on the part of the Japanese in Shandong, 1895.

  • Thumbnail for Dish with PineTree Motif
    Dish with PineTree Motif

    Late 17th - early 18th century work produced at the official Nabeshima clan kiln in present-day Saga Prefecture.

  • Thumbnail for Clocks

    A blend of Western and Japanese style clocks for sale at a general store.

  • Thumbnail for Bronze vase inlaid with silver wire
    Bronze vase inlaid with silver wire

    Bronze vessel dating to the 16th-17th centuries, copying an archaic vessel. The surface is artificially patinated to give it the appearance of old age, and colored surface accretions are visible.

  • Thumbnail for General Charles
    General Charles

    Portrait of General Charles "Chinese" Gordon, dressed here in robes presented by the Emperor, who led the Chinese army to victory against the Taipings.

  • Thumbnail for Wartime Japan
    Wartime Japan

    Expressing anti-American sentiment, American flags were painted on sidewalks to be trampled and defiled during WWII.

  • Thumbnail for Qiu Jin
    Qiu Jin

    Portrait of Qiu Jin, a "spirited radical" woman and supporter of Sun Yat-sen's Revolutionary Alliance.

  • Thumbnail for Set of Utensils for the Incense Game
    Set of Utensils for the Incense Game

    In the Heian period, the fragrance of aromatic wood was enjoyed by members of court society. The appreciation of incense became formalized in the Muromachi period, and many varieties of monko, literally listening to the incense" were established. Throughout the Edo period, enthusiasts of this widely popular game included members of the warrior class. This set of incense utensils is decorated with such plants and flowers as bush clover, chrysanthemum, peony, camelia, iris, and bamboo arranged in circular motifs in slightly raised gold takamaki-e lacquer." - Suzuki Norio

  • Thumbnail for Writing Table and Writing Utensil Box
    Writing Table and Writing Utensil Box

    Bundai (writing table) and suzuribako (writing utensil box) decorated with a combination of bamboo, paulownia, and the phoenix. The background is done using a technique known as nashiji, similar in appearance to the skin of the nashi, or Japanese pear, in which metal flakes are suspended in lacquer.

  • Thumbnail for Mt. Fuji in Lacquer
    Mt. Fuji in Lacquer

    A lacquer likeness of Mt. Fuji at a Fuji shrine

  • Thumbnail for Window in Suzhou Gardens
    Window in Suzhou Gardens

    Photo of window looking out onto a section of Suzhou's beautiful gardens, dating to the Ming dynasty.

  • Thumbnail for Buddhist Monks
    Buddhist Monks

    Buddhist monks with novice at the turn of the century.