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  • Thumbnail for Shanhai guan pop stand
    Shanhai guan pop stand

    Workers hawk an orange soda drink on a sidewalk in Shanhaiguan, northeast of Beijing.

  • Thumbnail for Fencesitter

    A small child in fur jacket and hat sits on the railing lining the Long Corridor (Changlang) at the Summer Palace in northwest Beijing

  • Thumbnail for Rail worker
    Rail worker

    Worker watches a train at a railway station. 1988 was a peak year for an overtaxed rail system.

  • Thumbnail for Service Company Barber Shop
    Service Company Barber Shop

    Barber shop offering r S"&qucontemporary fashions" and "warm service."

  • Thumbnail for Bicycle repair shop
    Bicycle repair shop

    Inner tubes lie piled on the eaves of a humble Beijing bicycle repair shop

  • Thumbnail for Selling hats
    Selling hats

    Hat peddler appraises the look of his ware on a potential client.

  • Thumbnail for Tiantan Qiniandian stairs
    Tiantan Qiniandian stairs

    Designed in 1531 (by the Ming Emperor Shizong, it is said), the Temple of Heaven's Hall of Prayer for a Prosperous Year known to modern tourists is the result of a 1751 renovation. The circular roof signifies Heaven, the square base earth.

  • Thumbnail for Imperial Palace from Beihai Park
    Imperial Palace from Beihai Park

    Looking southeast from White Dagoba hill in Beijing's Beihai park, one sees the northwest corner of the Imperial Palace complex and the skyscrapers of modern Beijing in the distance.

  • Thumbnail for Makeshift window
    Makeshift window

    The subject of a blackboard urging "resolute implementation," "prevention as the mainstay" and "total annihilation" was probably a public health campaign; it now serves as a window to a Beijing apartment.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing smog
    Beijing smog

    Northwest Beijing lies under a thick layer of early winter smog generated in part by the widespread use of coal for residential heating and cooking.

  • Thumbnail for Guest house restaurant
    Guest house restaurant

    Colored bulbs and happy chefs proffering tasty dishes adorn the restaurant of a guest house for military personnel.

  • Thumbnail for Taishan mountainside
    Taishan mountainside

    Mountainside with small pavilion, seen from path ascending Mt. Tai in Shandong province.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University cafeteria hours
    Beijing University cafeteria hours

    Beijing University student studying a poster listing campus cafeteria hours.

  • Thumbnail for Gugong Taihedian
    Gugong Taihedian

    Rear entrance of the Hall of Supreme Harmony in Beijing's Imperial Palace complex.

  • Thumbnail for Asia Beverages billboard
    Asia Beverages billboard

    Portion of a colorful neon billboard for a beverage wholesaling company.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University Weiming Lake and Boya Tower
    Beijing University Weiming Lake and Boya Tower

    Weiming "unnamed") Lake and Boya ("Erudition and Elegance") Tower, the landmarks of the Beijing University campus. The lake dates to the 18th century, predating the university by more than a century; the tower dates to 1924, built to supply water.

  • Thumbnail for Food vendors offer their ancestors help
    Food vendors offer their ancestors help

    The workers at this stand maintain a table of offerings.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing bicycles
    Beijing bicycles

    Row of bicycles parked on a Beijing street. In the 1980s, most commuters still used old-model bicycles to get to work.

  • Thumbnail for No Durians Allowed
    No Durians Allowed

    Durians are banned in Hawker Centers because of their strong smell, which some love and some hate.

  • Thumbnail for Ice cream to go
    Ice cream to go

    A traditional way of selling ice cream.

  • Thumbnail for Street Offering
    Street Offering

    A container which is used to burn offerings during the Hungry Ghost Festival.

  • Thumbnail for Street vendor
    Street vendor

    A vendor prepares roasted chestnuts.

  • Thumbnail for Offering Allowed
    Offering Allowed

    A man burns offerings in a No-Parking zone.

  • Thumbnail for Massages

    A common sight -massages in a shopping mall.

  • Thumbnail for Audience at Minaksi kalyanam
    Audience at Minaksi kalyanam

    Audience attending Minaksi kalyana; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 1982; Keywords: devotees, kalyanam