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  • Thumbnail for Beijing street scene
    Beijing street scene

    Street in northwest Beijing's Haidian district during autumn afternoon.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing Train Station
    Beijing Train Station

    Travelers and buses in front of the Beijing Railway Station (Beijing zhan) at dusk.

  • Thumbnail for Prayer strips in Tamagawa stream
  • Thumbnail for Kunming Lake, Summer Palace
    Kunming Lake, Summer Palace

    View from the Summer Palace's Longevity Hill (Wanshou shan), overlooking the Buddha Incense Pavilion (Foxiangge, right), Kunming Lake and the Seventeen Arch Bridge (Shiqi kongqiao) toward the city beyond..

  • Thumbnail for Alley scene
    Alley scene

    Haidian district residents on a narrow street lined with pre-1949 era brick structures.

  • Thumbnail for Don't Spit Please!
    Don't Spit Please!

    Weather-beaten sign on a Haidian district wall asking passersby not to spit. Expectoration was the target of public health authorities in the 1980s and beyond.

  • Thumbnail for Museum complex façade
    Museum complex façade

    Ranks of red banners flank the CCP insignia over the entry to the National Museum complex on the east side of tiananmen Square.

  • Thumbnail for Good Friend Book Rental
    Good Friend Book Rental

    A small privately-run library advertises its wares in the window of the old brick structure it shares with the New Life Barber shop.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing from Xiangshan
    Beijing from Xiangshan

    Viewed from the Fragrant Hills (Xiangshan), the high rises of northwest Beijing lie just beyond the Summer Palace's Kunming Lake.

  • Thumbnail for Haidian Clock Retail Sales Department
    Haidian Clock Retail Sales Department

    Fruit sellers peddle their wares in front of the Haidian Clock Retail Sales Department

  • Thumbnail for Western Hills from Beijing University
    Western Hills from Beijing University

    Beijing's Western Hills, seen looking west from Beijing University.

  • Thumbnail for Billboard painted over
    Billboard painted over

    A worker paints over a billboard urging onlookers to build the socialist economy

  • Thumbnail for Village jump rope
    Village jump rope

    Children jump rope in a village in rural Shandong province

  • Thumbnail for Taishan mountainside
    Taishan mountainside

    Mountainside with small pavilion, seen from path ascending Mt. Tai in Shandong province.

  • Thumbnail for Gugong Taihedian looking east
    Gugong Taihedian looking east

    View of unrestored rooftops in the Imperial Palace complex, looking east from a Hall of Supreme Harmony terrace.

  • Thumbnail for Fragrant Hills date
    Fragrant Hills date

    A People's Liberation Army officer shares a chairlift with a woman companion in the Fragrant Hills (Xiangshan), northwest of Beijing

  • Thumbnail for Gugong Jinshuiqiao
    Gugong Jinshuiqiao

    A winding stone balustrade lines the Inner Golden River, which meanders through the courtyard separating Meridian Gate (Wu men), entrance to the Imperial Palace, from the Gate of Supreme Harmony leading to the main halls of the complex beyond.

  • Thumbnail for Tiantan eaves
    Tiantan eaves

    Close up of two of the three rings of eaves topping the Temple of Heaven's Hall of Prayer for a Prosperous Year. The three sets of conical eaves are unique in Chinese architecture; their roundness signifies Heaven (in contrast to Earth, which is square).

  • Thumbnail for Da Li Machine works billboard
    Da Li Machine works billboard

    Billboard for Beijing's Da Li Machine works (formerly Beijing Parts and Equipment Plant) depicts the cabled arm of a giant red machine spiraling towards the sun, touting the virtues of Da Li products for pipeline maintenance and breach occlusion.

  • Thumbnail for Gugong Taihedian steps
    Gugong Taihedian steps

    A coiled dragon motif graces the white balustrading on the terraced steps to the Hall of Supreme Harmony in Beijing's Imperial Palace. This view is from the Hall's central terrace looking west.

  • Thumbnail for Taihedian bronze tortoise
    Taihedian bronze tortoise

    A bronze tortoise's gaping mouth vented incense smoke during ceremonies in front of the Imperial Palace's Hall of Supreme Harmony. The tortoise symbolized imperial longevity and power.

  • Thumbnail for Shanhai guan pop stand
    Shanhai guan pop stand

    Workers hawk an orange soda drink on a sidewalk in Shanhaiguan, northeast of Beijing.

  • Thumbnail for Pay Toilet
    Pay Toilet

    A public toilet outside the Summer Palace sports traditional round entryways and chains to shape the queue. Under an umbrella to the right attendants charge admission.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University's glorious legacy
    Beijing University's glorious legacy

    Section of a poster on a campus kiosk tells new Beijing University students the history of the institution, including its relation to May Fourth and CCP luminaries like Li Dazhao, Chen Duxiu, Mao Zedong and Lu Xun, all of whom worked or taught on campus.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University Weiming Lake
    Beijing University Weiming Lake

    A placid corner of Beijing University's Weiming ("unnamed") Lake, the centerpiece of the campus and reputedly the site of several suicides during the Cultural Revolution. The lake and surrounding were constructed in the 18th century.