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  • Thumbnail for Beijing smog
    Beijing smog

    Northwest Beijing lies under a thick layer of early winter smog generated in part by the widespread use of coal for residential heating and cooking.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University welcome
    Beijing University welcome

    Portion of a poster welcoming new students to Beijing University with black calligraphy on bright red paper.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University welcomes new classmates
    Beijing University welcomes new classmates

    Rows of bicycles line a Beijing University campus hall, while overhead a bright red banner reads "warmly welcome new classmates."

  • Thumbnail for Tiantan Huangqiandian placard
    Tiantan Huangqiandian placard

    Detail of entryway to the Hall of Sovereign Heaven, a structure at the northern end of the Temple of Heaven which housed the tablets of heavenly spirits. (The tablet representing Heaven itself, however, was stored in the central Imperial Vault of Heaven.)

  • Thumbnail for Reclining Buddha Temple archway
    Reclining Buddha Temple archway

    Colored glaze tile archway at the entrance to the Reclining Buddha Temple (Wofo si) in Beijing's Western Hills district. The 7th century structure's calligraphy ("assembling for instruction in the esoteric canon") is the Qianlong Emperor's (r. 1736-1795).

  • Thumbnail for Tiantan arches to Huangqiongyu
    Tiantan arches to Huangqiongyu

    Seen from the edge of the Temple of Heaven's circular mound (site of yearly imperial sacrifices), the Imperial Vault of Heaven, which housed that deity's spirit tablet, lies beyond a series of stone gates.

  • Thumbnail for Hutong home
    Hutong home

    Brick residence in a Beijing hutong ("alley"). Found in north China and especially Beijing, the hutong as urban organizing principle dates to the 13th century; this structure is of more recent vintage. Note the stacks of coal piled outside for fuel.

  • Thumbnail for Gugong dragon ramp
    Gugong dragon ramp

    Dragon head, detail of carved stone ramp leading to the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Imperial Palace, Beijing.

  • Thumbnail for Taishan mountainside
    Taishan mountainside

    Mountainside with small pavilion, seen from path ascending Mt. Tai in Shandong province.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University stonemasons
    Beijing University stonemasons

    Stonemasons work large blocks of rock on the Beijing University campus.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University Boya Tower
    Beijing University Boya Tower

    Constructed in 1924 to supply the Yanjing University campus with water, Boya ("erudition") Tower has since, along with Weiming ("unnamed") Lake, become an iconic feature of the Beijing University campus.

  • Thumbnail for Gugong Taihemen
    Gugong Taihemen

    View of the Gate of Supreme Harmony, beyond which lies the Hall of Supreme Harmony to the north in the Imperial Palace complex in Beijing known as the Forbidden City.

  • Thumbnail for Ice cream to go
    Ice cream to go

    A traditional way of selling ice cream.

  • Thumbnail for Raffles Hotel
    Raffles Hotel

    Diners in the courtyard of the famous Raffles Hotel.

  • Thumbnail for Dinner in Chinatown
    Dinner in Chinatown

    A group eats food from a street vendor.

  • Thumbnail for Street Offering
    Street Offering

    A container which is used to burn offerings during the Hungry Ghost Festival.

  • Thumbnail for Street vendor
    Street vendor

    A vendor prepares roasted chestnuts.

  • Thumbnail for Offering Allowed
    Offering Allowed

    A man burns offerings in a No-Parking zone.

  • Thumbnail for Hindu Temple
    Hindu Temple

    A Hindu temple in Singapore.

  • Thumbnail for Long table of offerings
    Long table of offerings

    This long table contains many offerings.

  • Thumbnail for Singapore’s Merlion
    Singapore’s Merlion

    The Merlion Fountain, seen from the Esplanade.

  • Thumbnail for Newspaper Stand
    Newspaper Stand

    A newspaper vendor eats lunch while customers browse.

  • Thumbnail for Streets of Little India
    Streets of Little India

    A street in Little India.

  • Thumbnail for PrivateHousing

    Swimming pool at a private housing complex.

  • Thumbnail for Bird Park
    Bird Park

    Families enjoying the Jurong Bird Park