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  • Thumbnail for Beijing University Boya Tower
    Beijing University Boya Tower

    Constructed in 1924 to supply the Yanjing University campus with water, Boya ("erudition") Tower has since, along with Weiming ("unnamed") Lake, become an iconic feature of the Beijing University campus.

  • Thumbnail for Prepared for winter
    Prepared for winter

    Stacks of coal pucks lined up outside a Beijing residence on an autumn afternoon presage the arrival of winter. Coal burning as a fuel and heat source greatly contributed to Beijing's smoggy winter skies.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University's West Gate
    Beijing University's West Gate

    A view of Beijing University's West Gate from across the street. In front passes a horse-drawn cart with truck wheels.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University welcome
    Beijing University welcome

    Portion of a poster welcoming new students to Beijing University with black calligraphy on bright red paper.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing bicycles
    Beijing bicycles

    Row of bicycles parked on a Beijing street. In the 1980s, most commuters still used old-model bicycles to get to work.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University cafeteria hours
    Beijing University cafeteria hours

    Beijing University student studying a poster listing campus cafeteria hours.

  • Thumbnail for Streets of food
    Streets of food

    A row of food vendors and their tables in Chinatown.

  • Thumbnail for Food vendors offer their ancestors help
    Food vendors offer their ancestors help

    The workers at this stand maintain a table of offerings.

  • Thumbnail for A celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival sign
    A celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival sign

    A celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival sign

  • Thumbnail for Ice cream to go
    Ice cream to go

    A traditional way of selling ice cream.

  • Thumbnail for Feast for the spirits
    Feast for the spirits

    Fruit, food and drink are all placed on a table for spirits.

  • Thumbnail for Hawker Centre
    Hawker Centre

    A typical Hawker Centre where food stalls are lined up.

  • Thumbnail for Setting sail
    Setting sail

    A paper boat and home are created as offerings to the spirits.

  • Thumbnail for Tourists on Sentosa
    Tourists on Sentosa

    Tourists relax on Sentosa, a small vacation island of Singapore.

  • Thumbnail for Crowded streets
    Crowded streets

    The streets of Chinatown are filled with people every day.

  • Thumbnail for On the Job
    On the Job

    Foreign workers in the back of their truck during a job.

  • Thumbnail for Rope-pullers and bananas
    Rope-pullers and bananas

    Rope-pullers, catching bananas thrown from roof; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 1982; during stop of ratha, bananas as refreshments; Keywords: devotees, ratha, procession

  • Thumbnail for Minaksi Digvijaya
    Minaksi Digvijaya

    Minaksi (girl and image) with priest; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 1984; 9th evening procession; Keywords: minaksi, digvijaya

  • Thumbnail for Audience at Minaksi kalyanam
    Audience at Minaksi kalyanam

    Audience attending Minaksi kalyana; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 1982; Keywords: devotees, kalyanam

  • Thumbnail for Fireworks

    Fireworks during Minaksi digvijaya; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 1984; Sundaresvara vimana in background; Keywords: fireworks, procession, digvijaya

  • Thumbnail for Temple bullock
    Temple bullock

    Velu and temple bullock, in procession; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 2004; Velu belongs to Chettiyar caste. He looks after temple cows, brings milk for abhisekas; Keywords: personnel, animals

  • Thumbnail for Siva Sundaresvara at flag-raising
    Siva Sundaresvara at flag-raising

    Decorated Siva Sundaresvara image at flag-raising ceremony; Minaksi temple, Avani Mula, 2007; Keywords: sundaresvara, flag-raising, decoration

  • Thumbnail for Deities in procession
    Deities in procession

    Siva Sundaresvara and Minaksi in procession, along South Avani Mula Street.; Minaksi temple, Avani Mula, 2007; 2nd morning procession; Keywords: sundaresvara, minaksi, processions

  • Thumbnail for Three priests
    Three priests

    Three priests in front of Sundaresvara image; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 2004; C. Muttapatter Sivaraja, on right, does image decoration.; Keywords: personnel, priests

  • Thumbnail for Decorated Minaksi
    Decorated Minaksi

    Minaksi image decorated for procession; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 2004; Decorated for Flag-raising ceremony and procession, 1st day; Keywords: deities, minaksi, decoration