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  • Thumbnail for Vishnu

    Modern Poster style rendition of Vishnu as Maha-Vishnu. The peacock feather in the crown is a reference to his incarnation as Krishna.

  • Thumbnail for Brahma and swan
    Brahma and swan

    Miniature of Brahma riding on his sacred vehicle, the swan.

  • Thumbnail for Korean traditional food
    Korean traditional food

    This is a display of some Korean food involving a cold noodle dish called chapchae, the drink is a traditional cold tea called sujungkwa, and there is a spicy thick rice cake dish called ddukboki. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Railway Employees Moving People
    Railway Employees Moving People

    Even though this picture was taken in the 60's, it could easily be replicated today. People in Tokyo have had to rely on a hefty push from railway employees to get them to work during rush hour for decades.

  • Thumbnail for Kanto Earthquake
    Kanto Earthquake

    It struck on September 1, 1923, destroying most of Yokohama and Tokyo. Fires started by the tremor aided the devastation. (Shown burning is the headquarters of the metropolitan police in Tokyo.)

  • Thumbnail for Moving away from Marx
    Moving away from Marx

    Illustration from the cover of TIME; photo of Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in the middle of a three-panel folding screen, who is presiding over the transition from an agricultural socialist state to a new one marked by hamburgers, cameras, Nike shoes, high-rises and blue jeans.

  • Thumbnail for Soviet Pavilion
    Soviet Pavilion

    An illustration of the Soviet Pavilion in Beijing. Smiling spectators point at the doves circling the pinnacle of the tower in the center.

  • Thumbnail for Cypress
    Cypress by Eitoku, Kano

    Traditionally attributed to Kano Eitoku. Eight-panel folding screen.

  • Thumbnail for Red China's Chou Enlai
    Red China's Chou Enlai

    Cover of TIME magazine-- May 10, 1954; a smiling Chou Enlai is backed up by a blood-smeared dragon trying to break out from behind the "Bamboo Curtain."

  • Thumbnail for Zhao Tomb
    Zhao Tomb

    Wall painting from tomb at Anping in Hebei province, China.

  • Thumbnail for Map of the World
    Map of the World

    This map of the world was originally paired with the screen, the Battle of Lepanto.

  • Thumbnail for Yonkojun festivities
    Yonkojun festivities

    Korea University and Yonsei University annually celebrate a friendly rivalry. With the festivities of the once a year party called Yonkojun, students gather and mill throughout the streets to sing for their supper. All establishments from small bars to big franchises are fair game in the Halloweenesque act of cheering for free food and drink. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Seoul nightlife
    Seoul nightlife

    This is a picture of the establishments that come to life in the night. We see that there is a bar/restaurant on the left, billiards and singing on the right, and a Starbucks coffee shop. This is what keeps Seoul entertained. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Salmulnori

    This is the Korean traditional drumming originally used to keep the farmers spirits up. As time progressed, it was used more and more for other occasions. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Nam Dae Mun Market main gate
    Nam Dae Mun Market main gate

    This is the main gate to Nam Dae Mun Market, it is well known by Koreans as well as loved by foreigners. Seoul, South Korea

  • Thumbnail for Yonsei University engineering bridge
    Yonsei University engineering bridge

    This bridge is a nice piece of architecture at the Engineering building in Yonsei University. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Dolmen

    Pre-history Korea had a funeral service which required three large slabs of rock where the larger rock is placed on two others and over time, pushes the two below further and further apart. Below ground is where the body is buried. Usually the person buried there was of high status.

  • Thumbnail for Pulkuksa Temple pagoda
    Pulkuksa Temple pagoda

    This is a pagoda at Pulkuksa temple. Kyongju, Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Sinchon

    Sinchon is an area of Seoul where the nightlife comes alive and where Yonsei University can be found. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Gimbop preparation
    Gimbop preparation

    This everyday treat is a sheet of seaweed wrapped around rice, pieces of spam, egg, radish, and other various things as chosen by the eater.

  • Thumbnail for Nam Dae Mun Market
    Nam Dae Mun Market

    In the busy outdoor markets of Seoul one may find that though there are many shops, there is not a lot of variety. In order to survive as an establishment, one must do anything that it takes to reel in the customers. At this particular restaurant, they display their food outside so that a customer (foreigner) may know what they may want to buy in order to settle their stomachs. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Yonkojun sports fans cheering on Yonsei University
    Yonkojun sports fans cheering on Yonsei University

    This is the Yonkojun celebration. In this picture we see students from Yonsei University cheering for their team. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Yonsei University:  Introduction to Korean Studies
    Yonsei University: Introduction to Korean Studies

    Not all of the classes for exchange students are in Korea. To learn the basics of Korean history, Introduction to Korean Studies touches on all areas related to Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Garden of the morning calm
    Garden of the morning calm

    One of the school paid trips was to the mountains where exchange students rented a cabin and visited some of the gardens, which when seen from above is in the shape of South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Independence Hall of Korea:  South Korean flag
    Independence Hall of Korea: South Korean flag

    This giant flag is made of artificial lotus flowers, the national flower and in front Independence Hall.