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  • Thumbnail for Woman Playing Sitar with Hills and City in the Background
    Woman Playing Sitar with Hills and City in the Background by Unknown

    Paint on paper; 9 15/16 x 13 3/16 inches.

  • Thumbnail for Chopstick and Knife Set
    Chopstick and Knife Set by Unknown

    Chopstick and knife set, wood, with brass mounts, Sino-Tibetan.

  • Thumbnail for Wooden seated Buddha with recent stand and pedestal
  • Thumbnail for Matted Balinese painting
    Matted Balinese painting

    Farmer encountering divinity in the forest. Batuan

  • Thumbnail for Balinese painting
    Balinese painting

    Depiction of rice farming and various subsistence activities in the forest. Peliatan(?)

  • Thumbnail for Leather shadow puppet
    Leather shadow puppet

    Monkey warrior to be used in shadow puppet (Wayang Kulit) performances of the Ramayana epic.

  • Thumbnail for Butter Lamp
    Butter Lamp by Unknown

    7-1/2 inches (Dia.) x 3-3/8 (H). Silver butter lamp with removable lid. The large cup divided into two registers by ribbed banding. The upper register, below the flaring rim, is engraved with the Eight sacred Buddhist Symbols and the lower register with lotus flowers alternating with offering bowls. The cup sits on a high pedestal base consisting of a scrolling lotus and SHOU medallion bead above an elongated lotus petal base with two rows of lotus petals above a plain cone foot finished with a stylized vegetable design at the bottom. The plain lid has three coin cut-outs and is fitted with a small silver hat shield which is attached to the open center rim hole and has thin silver tube for the wick.

  • Thumbnail for Vessel

    Silver and copper. Said to be Syrian. Human figures in medallions around upper rim appear to be Iranian in style, as does the shape of the vessel.

  • Thumbnail for Matted Balinese painting
    Matted Balinese painting

    Hunters in a landscape. Batuan

  • Thumbnail for One of four puppets
    One of four puppets

    Four unidentified Wayang Golek puppets. Two are male, one is female.

  • Thumbnail for Chen Rizig (Avalokitesvara)
    Chen Rizig (Avalokitesvara)

    7-3/4 inches (H) x 2-1/2 (D) x 2-1/2 (W). Figure, gilt bronze, Lokesawa, standing Buddha.

  • Thumbnail for China's New Crisis
    China's New Crisis by Strong, Anna Louise

    Key books ; no. 14. An overview of Chinese-Japanese relations.

  • Thumbnail for China Defence League Annual Report & Survey of Projects 1939-40
  • Thumbnail for Tea Cup with Metal Cover and Stand
    Tea Cup with Metal Cover and Stand by Unknown

    Teacup: 2-1/2 (H) x 3-1/2 (Dia); stand: 2-1/2 (H) x 4-1/8 (Dia); cover: 2-1/4 (H) x 3-3/8(Dia) in inches. The porcelain tea cup is decorated with five Buddhist lion dog puppies in yellow aubergine, blue and red. It sits into a footed silver repousse stand and is fitted with a stupa-design domed matching silver cover. The lotus shaped stand has the Eight sacred Buddhist symbols on a leaf scroll background and three lotus flowers on the high foot. The matching lid is toped with a jade bead. There is a illegible red mark on the base of the cup.

  • Thumbnail for Bell with Vajra Handle
    Bell with Vajra Handle by Unknown

    7-3/4 (L) x 3-1/2 (Dia.) inches. Metal bell with a brass handle. The brass handle is composed of a half dorje surmounting the head of a lotus crowned wisdom deity (Yum or Mother) which sits on a lotus flower. The bronze bell has lotus petals on the dome, a band of conch shells with lotus flowers in them and a band of dorje around the rim. The inside has four lotus petals in the dome with some characters (possibly Om ah hum) and a long iron clapper attached to a ring with a piece of white cloth.

  • Thumbnail for Ink plums
    Ink plums by Yamamoto Baiitsu (1783-1856)

    This extremely large hanging scroll depicts one of the so-called Four Gentlemen of the Confucian Scholar (the other three are bamboo, orchid, and chrysanthemum) that were favorite subjects of both Chinese and Japanese literati painters. The subjects were brushed in ink, and were popular because they contained many of the brushstrokes used for calligraphy by the literati. Each also had associations that were prized by the literati. The plum was admired for courage, because it dared to put forth its blossoms before the leaves showed themselves, blooming at New Years time and in early spring when it was still cold. It was also called one of the Three Winter Friends (along with the pine and bamboo), a New Years motif.

  • Thumbnail for Dasavataras, Visnu's ten incarnations - one of set of ten
  • Thumbnail for Dasavataras, Visnu's ten incarnations - one of set of ten
  • Thumbnail for Tara
    Tara by Unknown

    9.4 high x 7.7 inches wide. Image of Buddhist deity Tara; gilt copper & inscribed & dated in Newari: "In memory of two died in the family of Purne, this was made in the Newar era 817 (AD 1697)." Previous catalog number "357" on inside of base.

  • Thumbnail for Silver Phurpa
    Silver Phurpa by Unknown

    4 (L) x 7/8 (W) inches. Sterling silver phurpa has three faces of a wrathful deity at the end followed by a dorji, the head of a makara and on the tripartite blade two nagas emerging from th mouth of the makara.

  • Thumbnail for Letter Seal
    Letter Seal by Unknown

    2 (L) x 1/2 (Dia.) inches. Conical iron seal with a rattle inside and a lotus flower finial with a hole in it for a cord. Reticulated and engraved floral design, the vase with calligraphic design.

  • Thumbnail for Chongqing

    “I have often thought about the question: ‘What makes a city glamorous?’ Certain cities, Paris, Peiping, New York, San Francisco, have a certain ‘it’ that most cities lack. One of the factors of a city’s appeal, I think, is concerned with geography…On its narrow peninsula where the Chaling joins the Yangtze, Chungking rises on its steep bluffs out of the mists of its rivers.†[17 “On an island in the Yangtze…is the Chungking winter airport…In February’s low water the island was al’ but connected with the Chungking shore.†[21]

  • Thumbnail for Bamboo and a farmhouse on the road from Chengdu to Chongqing
    Bamboo and a farmhouse on the road from Chengdu to Chongqing

    “Across the plain to the horizon were the small patches in shades of green. Scattered under bamboos turned ever so slightly yellow were the farmhouses of frame bamboo covered with bamboo matting and rice straw thatching. Occasionally there was a more prosperous, tile-roofed farmhouse surrounded by a wall. Inside were the family, the chickens, the pigs, the water buffalo.†[6-7]

  • Thumbnail for Calisthenics at West China Union University
    Calisthenics at West China Union University

    Calisthenics. Don Flaherty also witnessed a political demonstration while in Chengdu. “The students at Szechwan National University…which is just down the Min River from Chengtu, once obtained the release of a former City councilor arrested by the secret police…[O]ne evening when [the councilor] was walking down a city street he was grabbed by a man in a jeep and whisked off to an unlighted prison cell. His wife got in touch with the Student Self Government Association at Szechwan National University, where he was well known and admired because of his speeches `in the name of the people’ there…The next morning more than 2,000 students were on the march…About one in ten left his classes at West China Union to join the protest.†[71]

  • Thumbnail for Waterwheel on the road from Chengdu to Chongqing
    Waterwheel on the road from Chengdu to Chongqing

    “The water is raised by crude wooden chain lifts whose treadles are worked by the feet of of two, four, or even six men.†[8]