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  • Thumbnail for Hiragana progression chart
    Hiragana progression chart

    A progression chart showing the progression of Hiragana from characters over time.

  • Thumbnail for Noh Mask: Usobuki
    Noh Mask: Usobuki

    Kyogen, the comic drama in which such subjects as old tales and the problems of real peopple are treated with humorous actions and witty dialogue, uses some masks, though the number of mask types is much mor limited than for Noh. In contrast to the serious quality of Noh masks, those for Kyogen are characterized by their humorous nature, with amused expressions, or by deliberate exaggeration and distortion. Usobuki represents the latter type. The name implies several possible meanings, including to feign innocence, to whistle, or to shape the mouth as though blowing a fire. The mask is worn by both human characters and the spirits of fragile creatures such as the moth, mosquito, or cicada. - Matshushima Ken

  • Thumbnail for Kariginu or Noh "Hunting Robe"
    Kariginu or Noh "Hunting Robe"

    The kariginu, literally hunting robe," was originally an informal jacket worn by men of the court class in the Heian period. In the medieval era it was adapted by elite samurai as their most formal garment. It is thought that the kariginu first used in Noh performances were those actually worn by samurai aristocrats. In the Edo period the kariginu was established as a Noh costume, and these kariginu for the stage were made larger than the kariginu for daily wear from which they had originated. in Noh, the kariginu is regarded as the most imortant outer garment for male roles." - Kawakami Shigeki.

  • Thumbnail for Jataka of the Deer King
    Jataka of the Deer King

    This mural is based on the Sutra of the Nine-Colored Deer King. Nine scenes are depicted. From the left end, the drowning man cries for help, a deer passes by the river, and saves the drowning man; the man thanking the deer, and the deer is then shown sleeping. On the other end, the queen tells of her dream and the king issues an order to reward the person who helps capture the deer; the drowning man betrays the deer; the man leads the king in a hunt for the deer, and the nine-colored deer denounces the man's lack of gratitude before the king. Cave 257, Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang.

  • Thumbnail for Hikaru no go
    Hikaru no go

    Image of a popular manga featuring a young male 'go' wizard.This series is seen as being responsible for a rise in interest in playing 'go' among young people.

  • Thumbnail for Tanabata

    Tanabata is a mid-summer Japanese festival.

  • Thumbnail for In Reponse to Criticism of the Five Year Plan
    In Reponse to Criticism of the Five Year Plan

    Illustration ofa heroic industrial worker using a jackhammer to break into the underground den of the opponents of the first Five-Year Plan.

  • Thumbnail for Grocery Store Display:  Sushi
    Grocery Store Display: Sushi

    Sushi, fresh and ready to be eaten.

  • Thumbnail for Vishnu

    Modern Poster style rendition of Vishnu as Maha-Vishnu. The peacock feather in the crown is a reference to his incarnation as Krishna.

  • Thumbnail for Brahma and swan
    Brahma and swan

    Miniature of Brahma riding on his sacred vehicle, the swan.

  • Thumbnail for Yonsei University hasukchip
    Yonsei University hasukchip

    Many of the universities in Korea are too crowded to take in all of the students in the dorm, so many students rent a room in a student boarding house. This particular boarding house is located less than 40 feet from the entrance to the East Gate of Yonsei University.

  • Thumbnail for Yonsei University campus
    Yonsei University campus

    Yonsei is known all over Korea for its beautiful campus and is the location of many famous movies, such as "My Sassy Girl". There is also a large outdoor amphitheater where concerts are held with all of the top singers in Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Demilitarized Zone railroad
    Demilitarized Zone railroad

    One plan of unifying the two Koreas was to create a railroad which would run between the two countries, hopefully leading later on to better relations. Unfortunately, the railroad is finished to the point that was designated, but not connected as hoped to North Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Chusak holiday traditional offerings
    Chusak holiday traditional offerings

    During the Chusak Holiday (a time when traditional Koreans honor their ancestors), the women prepare a large feast of homemade food consisting of various fruits, cooked dishes, fish, and rice wine.

  • Thumbnail for Yonsei University:  Millennium Hall
    Yonsei University: Millennium Hall

    This is taken from the Millennium Hall on the Yonsei University campus where most of the classes for the exchange students attend further ahead on the right is the Korean Language Institute where the language classes are held and further beyond is the rest of the city outside the East Gate.

  • Thumbnail for Land of the morning calm
    Land of the morning calm

    A good example why Korea can be referred to as the "Land of the Morning Calm". This picture was taken atop a mountain in the warm breeze of summer. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Korean soup
    Korean soup

    In Korea there are several kinds of soups and many of them contain both cold or warm noodles with vegetables and different kind of spices. Note the metal spoon and chopsticks.

  • Thumbnail for Korean masks
    Korean masks

    This is a man selling Korean traditional masks that we used in the Korean traditional mask dance. Andong, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Traditional Korean punishment
    Traditional Korean punishment

    This is a wooden cross where a person who was being punished was strapped down and hit repeatedly with a long, flat, wooden paddle. Usually the punishment was issued by an authoritative figure.

  • Thumbnail for Gimbop preparation
    Gimbop preparation

    This everyday treat is a sheet of seaweed wrapped around rice, pieces of spam, egg, radish, and other various things as chosen by the eater.

  • Thumbnail for Hindu temple
    Hindu temple

    A Hindu Temple located just outside of Chinatown, Singapore.

  • Thumbnail for Singapore's Chinatown
    Singapore's Chinatown

    Chinatown with decorations for Chinese New Year which was 2005-02-09.

  • Thumbnail for Seoul street advertising
    Seoul street advertising

    This particular bit of advertising was for a nightclub where several of the employees would dress up as a traditional Chinese dragon or dogs. They would run up to people on the street and dance for them.

  • Thumbnail for Seafood market
    Seafood market

    Primarily along the shores of Korea, there are rows upon rows of various stands selling all assortments of seafood. Each customer and can handpick which fish they want to take home to eat.

  • Thumbnail for Korean food stand
    Korean food stand

    These kinds of food stands are located all over the streets of Seoul. They sell a variety of Korean food and are made on the spot. Unless you have adjusted to the food in Korea, wait a little before trying these items, but they are worth trying.