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  • Thumbnail for Tiger Hill Pagoda
    Tiger Hill Pagoda

    Also known as Yunyan Temple Pagoda, this pagoda on Tiger Hill is the oldest pagoda in Suzhou and is composed of seven stories.

  • Thumbnail for Hikers

    Andy Bernard and Brendan Eagan take some time out from their hike to pose with a dormant volcano in the background.

  • Thumbnail for Mt. Fuji in Lacquer
    Mt. Fuji in Lacquer

    A lacquer likeness of Mt. Fuji at a Fuji shrine

  • Thumbnail for Sanshin

    A string instrument almost always used in performance of Okinawan traditional music. Said to be the prototype of the shamisen.

  • Thumbnail for Meal in China
    Meal in China

    St. Olaf student Phong Do (Class of 2005) enjoys a sweet-and-sour-fish tail in China, Interim 2003.

  • Thumbnail for Subway turnstyle
    Subway turnstyle

    A turnstyle, ready to take your ticket.

  • Thumbnail for Toyotomi Sutemaru
    Toyotomi Sutemaru

    Portrait sculpture of Toyotomi Sutemaru (1589-1591), the first son of Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1537-1598), died when he was just two years old. Hideyoshi built Shounji in eastern Kyoto as the child's memorial temple. This portrait was enshrined there. Made of polychromed wood.

  • Thumbnail for Sakuma Shogen
    Sakuma Shogen

    Depiction of Sakuma Shogen Sanekatsu (1570-1642) sitting in front of a bamboo screen facing his boy attendant. A warrior who first served Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1537-1598), Sakuma then seved three successive generations of Tokugawa shoguns: Ieyasu, Hidetada, and Iemitsu.

  • Thumbnail for Letters to Zheng Bangrui
    Letters to Zheng Bangrui

    In the three letters mounted together in this handscroll, which opens with an anonymous portrait of Wang Yangming, his calligraphy is sharp and angular, and the characters are vertically elongated. The brushwork appears rapid and agitated. Wang's calligraphy may reflect anxieties expressed in the content of the letters, which were addressed to his nephew Zheng Bangrui and can be dated to between 1523 and 1525. Wang writes of the burden of managing his family's affairs after the death of his father in 1522, the illness of his wife (who died in 1525) and his obligation to arrange the marriage of a niece. Together, these letters in Wang's own hand provide a rare glimpse into the everyday life of the noted philosopher.

  • Thumbnail for Train map
    Train map

    An example of a train-line map in Japan, complete with "you are here" arrow.

  • Thumbnail for Subway ticket machine
    Subway ticket machine

    Japanese subway ticket machines.

  • Thumbnail for Machida Station
    Machida Station

    The always busy Machida Subway Station.

  • Thumbnail for The Street Where They Lived
    The Street Where They Lived

    Photo of the huge red-light district in Tokyo known as Yoshiwara, which flourished for more than three hundred years.

  • Thumbnail for Mini Building
    Mini Building

    A beautifully crafted scale model of the main temple at Todai-ji.

  • Thumbnail for Suzhou Boats
    Suzhou Boats

    Boats docked at Suzhou, nicknamed the "Venice of China" for its many canals.

  • Thumbnail for Garden of the Humble Administrator
    Garden of the Humble Administrator

    Scene from the Humble Administrator's Garden, the largest private garden in Suzhou. Located in the northeastern part of Suzhou city. Suzhou, located on China's coast, is known for its canals as well as its beautiful gardens dating back to the Ming Dynasty.

  • Thumbnail for Sumo Champion
    Sumo Champion

    Futabayam Sadaji (1912-1968) remains a magic name in sumo. The 35th Yokozuna, his record of 69 straight wins still stands. This is a picture of him after he won the summer tournament in 1936.

  • Thumbnail for Horses
    Horses by Hideyori, Kano (d. ca 1576/7)

    A dappled white horse (ema) bucks, head restrained by a bridle tied to steaks in the ground. One half of a set.

  • Thumbnail for Koi

    Koi at Glover Garden in Nagasaki.

  • Thumbnail for Wedding

    A bride and groom on their happy wedding day, posing with Brendan Eagan. (Don't worry, he knows them.) Taken at the Meiji Shrine.

  • Thumbnail for Engakuji Shrine
    Engakuji Shrine

    Keeping with tradition, this shrine building has a roof made of hay or thatch.

  • Thumbnail for Engakuji flowers
    Engakuji flowers

    A tree blossoms in Engakuji, Kamakura.

  • Thumbnail for Cosmetics

    Fingernail polish and lipstick for sale.

  • Thumbnail for Jizo Statue
    Jizo Statue

    A statue of a Jizo and child stand surrounded by several other statues.

  • Thumbnail for Nara Shrine
    Nara Shrine

    A wooden trellis at a Nara Shinto shrine being used to hang fortunes on.