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  • Thumbnail for Oyoroi  Samurai Armor
    Oyoroi Samurai Armor

    Oyoroi (literally "great armor") was the loose-fitting defensive armor of mounted archers that was developed late in the Heian period. It is made chiefly of leather and iron bound together to form horizontal tiers.

  • Thumbnail for Rural Kannon Statue
    Rural Kannon Statue

    A multiple-armed Kannon Bosatsu image, ready to aid those who leave offerings. Found in Kamakura.

  • Thumbnail for Meiji Shrine
    Meiji Shrine

    The Meiji Shring is a controversial shrine for many. It is where all of the war dead are entombed, including those who were executed at the end of WWII as war criminals.

  • Thumbnail for China Shop
    China Shop

    This picture was taken by Prof. Edward S. Morse of Harvard, who came to Japan in 1877 at the invitation of Tokyo Imperial University to teach zoology.

  • Thumbnail for Asakusa Pagoda
    Asakusa Pagoda

    A pagoda rises up majestically from the shops in Asakusa.

  • Thumbnail for Gambling Mamas
    Gambling Mamas

    Pachinko, a Japanese cousin of the American slot machine, has a wide appeal. The pachinko machines of today are much flashier than the ones shown here from the 60's.

  • Thumbnail for Fan painting of the gods of wealth and long life
    Fan painting of the gods of wealth and long life

    A New Years Haiku. Text: "Shaved up and ready (Sori-tatete)/ Pines by the door and breezes, (kadomatsu kaze-ya)/ Happiness, Wealth, Long Life (Fukurokuju). [Signed] Buson [seal]"

  • Thumbnail for Houses in the Mountains of Nagasaki
    Houses in the Mountains of Nagasaki

    Nagasaki has been described as the San Francisco of Japan, and looking at the way the houses are built into the mountains all around the city, it's easy to tell why.

  • Thumbnail for Japanese Astronomy
    Japanese Astronomy

    A man sits in his hakama, looking through a turn-of-the-century telescope. This kind of viewing was possible by 1889 at the Astronomical Observatory of Tokyo Imperial University.

  • Thumbnail for Nagasaki Skyline
    Nagasaki Skyline

    Nagasaki, sometimes described as the Japanese San Francisco, has rolling hills that help protect its inhabitants from storms.

  • Thumbnail for Hokkaido Train Map
    Hokkaido Train Map

    All the stops of the train system in Hokkaido.

  • Thumbnail for Wedding

    A bride and groom on their happy wedding day, posing with Brendan Eagan. (Don't worry, he knows them.) Taken at the Meiji Shrine.

  • Thumbnail for Exit Sign 2
    Exit Sign 2

    A sign in the subway system pointing the way to the JR (Japanese Rail) and the exit.

  • Thumbnail for Ocha

    A close-up of a tea vending machine.

  • Thumbnail for Exit Sign at Night
    Exit Sign at Night

    Subway exit sign.

  • Thumbnail for Camels in a 'Ger' encampment
    Camels in a 'Ger' encampment

    Camels in a 'ger' (yurt) encampment, Outer Mongolia.

  • Thumbnail for Nihonbashi Bridge
    Nihonbashi Bridge

    Started in 1908, the modern version of the Nihonbashi Bridge took three years to complete. Nihonbashi was the originating station in the old Tokaido line to Kyoto.

  • Thumbnail for Advertising Along the Huangpu
    Advertising Along the Huangpu

    View of some of the tall buildings and advertisements along Shanghai's Huangpu river, glimpsed through the perpetual Shanghai haze.

  • Thumbnail for St. Olaf interim 2003 students at Tiananmen
    St. Olaf interim 2003 students at Tiananmen

    The men from St. Olaf's 2003 National Identity in China and Japan class, at Tiananmen Square. Two rows, left to right: Front: Kou Vang, Carl Gellert, Robert Crawford, Naoya Nishino, Bin Xue, Phong Do Back: Brendan Eagan, Andy Bernard, Professor Bob Entenmann, Sam Lee, Max Bunge, tourguide 'Henry.'

  • Thumbnail for Daibutsu Close-up
    Daibutsu Close-up

    A close-up of the daibutsu in Kamakura reveals a goatee, among other things.

  • Thumbnail for Freedom of Religion
    Freedom of Religion

    The Greek Orthodox Church was constructed in 1891. As long as they professed loyalty to Shintoism first, the Japanese were allowed to worship as they pleased.

  • Thumbnail for Post Office:  Hoka Mado
    Post Office: Hoka Mado

    Text: "Hoka no madoguchi o go-riyoo kudasai" ("Please go to the next station")

  • Thumbnail for Main Building at Meiji Shrine.
    Main Building at Meiji Shrine.

    The main building at the Meiji Shrine on a sunny day.

  • Thumbnail for Vending machine:  ice cream
    Vending machine: ice cream

    Subway stations aren't safe from the presence of vending machines - even ice-cream vending machines.

  • Thumbnail for Subway ticket machine
    Subway ticket machine

    Examples of different kinds of tickets offered at a Japanese subway station.