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  • Thumbnail for Bookstore Aisle
    Bookstore Aisle

    Some people peruse the book selections at the store "And You"

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  • Thumbnail for Writing Utensil Box with Designs of Hatsuse Mountain Landscape and Monkeys
    Writing Utensil Box with Designs of Hatsuse Mountain Landscape and Monkeys

    In this writing box, the tray below originally held brushes and inksticks. The round metal water-dropper that sits in a depression on the upper left side was used to add some water to the inkstone on which the inkstick was rubbed to make ink. The inkstone also sits in a fitted spce, to keep it from moving around as the inkstick is rubbed on it. The trees on the mountain include hinoki (cypress) tha, along with the cherry tree, are sometimes associated with Hatsuse Mountain in classical poetry. A large applied-silver moon looms from behind the mountain in a cloudless sky. The design on the inside of the lid shows a monkey with its baby reaching for the reflection of the thin-slivered moon in water. - abridged from description by Andrew Pekarik.

  • Thumbnail for Empress Dowager Cixi
    Empress Dowager Cixi

    Portrait of the Empress Dowager Cixi, wife of Qing Emperor Xianfeng; she died in 1908.

  • Thumbnail for Bai Woman in Yunnan
    Bai Woman in Yunnan

    Photograph of an elderly Bai woman in Yunnan, showing her dark-colored clothing and hat.

  • Thumbnail for Flower Prices
    Flower Prices

    Example prices at a flower shop .

  • Thumbnail for One-eyed and One-armed Role
    One-eyed and One-armed Role

    Actor Okochi Denjiro playing Tange Sazen, the one-eyed and one-armed killer, made a tremendous hit on movie-going audiences.

  • Thumbnail for Wartime Japan
    Wartime Japan

    Expressing anti-American sentiment, American flags were painted on sidewalks to be trampled and defiled during WWII.

  • Thumbnail for Candy Store Display:  Mochi
    Candy Store Display: Mochi

    Mochi (rice cakes) looking very delicious.

  • Thumbnail for Vending machine:  beverages
    Vending machine: beverages

    A vending machine offering hot and cold drinks in a subway station.

  • Thumbnail for Hichiriki

    A double-reed end-blown flute used in gagaku.

  • Thumbnail for Set of Utensils for the Incense Game
    Set of Utensils for the Incense Game

    In the Heian period, the fragrance of aromatic wood was enjoyed by members of court society. The appreciation of incense became formalized in the Muromachi period, and many varieties of monko, literally listening to the incense" were established. Throughout the Edo period, enthusiasts of this widely popular game included members of the warrior class. This set of incense utensils is decorated with such plants and flowers as bush clover, chrysanthemum, peony, camelia, iris, and bamboo arranged in circular motifs in slightly raised gold takamaki-e lacquer." - Suzuki Norio

  • Thumbnail for Room

    During my homestay I snapped a picture of my room for posterity. Note the tatami mats, futon, space heater, and "desk".

  • Thumbnail for House of Representatives
    House of Representatives

    A day in the life of the Diet. The House of Representatives meets in Japan.

  • Thumbnail for Forbidden City Crane Statue
    Forbidden City Crane Statue

    Photograph of crane statue in Forbidden City complex, Beijing.

  • Thumbnail for Great Wild Goose Pagoda
    Great Wild Goose Pagoda

    Photograph of the Great Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an, China.

  • Thumbnail for Gagakus

    Gagaku, the music and dance of the Japanese imperial court, is Japan's oldest performing art. A kangen ensemble (wind and strings) accompanies the dance. The main instruments are yokobue, sho.

  • Thumbnail for Sho

    A cluster of 17 narrow bamboo pipes (two are decorative only). A type of flute. Has reeds, and can make a variety of chords with up to six different notes. Used mainly in gagaku.

  • Thumbnail for Shakuhachi

    An end-blown bamboo flute that has no reed. Used to accompany folk songs and other traditional music, and also for performances of modern music.

  • Thumbnail for Benten

    Benten sits on a rock, playing her Biwa as waves lap her perch.

  • Thumbnail for Toyotomi Sutemaru and Toy Boat
    Toyotomi Sutemaru and Toy Boat

    The boat is said to have been one of Sutemaru's toys. Resembling a real boat, it has a small cabin at the helm and another at the stern. A board with wheels is attached to the bottom of the boat so that it can be pulled.

  • Thumbnail for Hikers

    Andy Bernard and Brendan Eagan take some time out from their hike to pose with a dormant volcano in the background.

  • Thumbnail for Oyoroi  Samurai Armor
    Oyoroi Samurai Armor

    Oyoroi (literally "great armor") was the loose-fitting defensive armor of mounted archers that was developed late in the Heian period. It is made chiefly of leather and iron bound together to form horizontal tiers.

  • Thumbnail for Rural Kannon Statue
    Rural Kannon Statue

    A multiple-armed Kannon Bosatsu image, ready to aid those who leave offerings. Found in Kamakura.

  • Thumbnail for Meiji Shrine
    Meiji Shrine

    The Meiji Shring is a controversial shrine for many. It is where all of the war dead are entombed, including those who were executed at the end of WWII as war criminals.