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  • Thumbnail for Street Scene
    Street Scene

    Pedestrians clad in winter coats walk the streets. A pair of bright yellow street cars bedecked with garlands stand in the background.

  • Thumbnail for Clubs

    In Japan, your after-school activity is your family. This chalkboard shows the list of clubs offered at this school.

  • Thumbnail for Grocery Store Display:  Apples and Oranges
    Grocery Store Display: Apples and Oranges

    Produce from Japan: apples (ringo) and oranges (mikan)

  • Thumbnail for Taiwan's national anthem
    Taiwan's national anthem

    National Anthem of Taiwan (Republic of China).

  • Thumbnail for Reconstructed casting assembly for a bell
    Reconstructed casting assembly for a bell

    As shown in this diagram, a 'bo' bell required outer modls for the suspension loop at bottom, and for its top, a pair for the sides, and a core to occupy the interior, all locked together with keys fitted to mortises.

  • Thumbnail for Sushi:  nigiri
    Sushi: nigiri

    Three types of nigiri sushi: salmon (saamon), tuna (maguro), and mackerel (saba)

  • Thumbnail for Snowy Day
    Snowy Day

    A snowy day in Hokkaido can become a great obstacle for vehicles, like this mail delivery truck.

  • Thumbnail for Tokokazari

    Even light fixtures in a traditional Japanese bar are fancy.

  • Thumbnail for Ellora, Jain Caves, yaksha guardian
    Ellora, Jain Caves, yaksha guardian

    All tirthankaras are depicted with a yaksha (male earth spirit) and yakshini (female). This yaksha, probably Matanga who is associated with Mahavira, guards one side of a large balcony entrance to the cave's expansive second floor with a central Mahavira shrine. On the other side of the balcony entrance is his female counterpart, the yakshini, Siddhayika. The yaksha, a powerful earth deity, sits on the strong elephant who acts as his throne. This yaksha is framed by a canopy formed by the leaves of a lush tree.

  • Thumbnail for Pigeons

    Fat pigeons sit near a lake in Kyoto, while a heron sits in the background.

  • Thumbnail for New Year's Cards
    New Year's Cards

    A sheep announces it's a new year, the year of the Sheep.

  • Thumbnail for Laozi Statue
    Laozi Statue

    Statue of Laozi from the Song Dynasty, carved from the rock of Mt. Qingyuan in Fujian.

  • Thumbnail for Street sign:  exit only
    Street sign: exit only

    An exit ramp carries a warning.

  • Thumbnail for Sushi bar
    Sushi bar

    At a rolling sushi restaurant there's no need to order. The food passes each table on a conveyor belt. Afterwords, you pay by the number of plates on your table.

  • Thumbnail for Toilet

    An example of a trough-style squat toilet seen all over Asia.

  • Thumbnail for How to use chopsticks
    How to use chopsticks

    Instructions on how to use chopsticks (kuai-zi, hashi)

  • Thumbnail for Dogmatism

    An official in this illustration is depicted carrying an umbrella labelled "dogmatism," refusing to let the rain water the flowers and plants. A writer nearby asks him "Why won't you let the flowers and sprouts get some spring rain?" The official answers "That would never do! As soon as there is rain, poisonous weeds would grow up."

  • Thumbnail for Ellora, Jain Caves, yakshini guardian
    Ellora, Jain Caves, yakshini guardian

    Seated opposite her male counterpart, this protective yakshini, Siddhayika, acts as an entrance protector to the second floor shrine to Mahavira. She sits on a lion under the canopy of a mango tree heavy with fruit. Identified with the fertility of the earth, this female earth spirit holds a child on her lap (now missing its head).

  • Thumbnail for Ellora, Jain Caves, Mahavira
    Ellora, Jain Caves, Mahavira

    Mahavira, the 24th Jain tirthankara, is depicted in a seated position with back straight and eyes lowered under a double canopy. Stylized lions are at his feet.

  • Thumbnail for Bronze Vase
    Bronze Vase

    Bronze vase with rounded bottom and narrower neck opening up to a wider mouth. Song dynasty copy of earlier bronze age works.

  • Thumbnail for Coffee Makers and Juicers
    Coffee Makers and Juicers

    A display of high-tech coffee makers and juicers.

  • Thumbnail for Bronze Wine Vessel, kuang type
    Bronze Wine Vessel, kuang type

    Wine vessel, kuang [guang] type, featuring a hinged lid decorated with animal head. The heavy form of the kuang type of vessel, resembling a sauce boat, forms the mouth of the animal. The relief decoration on the vessel is based on t'ao-t'ieh, often translated as "ogre" masks.

  • Thumbnail for Tripod incense burner
    Tripod incense burner

    Tripod incense burner, decorated with a pattern imitating rush weave, and a variety of fantastic, mythical animals. The bird which is also the lid handle is a phoenix. The four minor figures of the same bird represent a spatial symbolism which symbolizes the whole universe. Dragons and serpents complete the decoration.

  • Thumbnail for Vessel of Inlaid Bronze
    Vessel of Inlaid Bronze

    Vessel of inlaid bronze with lid. The decoration is embossd in red with stylized dragons and birds.

  • Thumbnail for Food Vessel (gui)
    Food Vessel (gui)

    Food vessel (gui); imitation of an ancient bronze.