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  • Thumbnail for White Tara (Droma Karpo) (Thangka)
    White Tara (Droma Karpo) (Thangka) by Unknown

    Ground mineral pigment on cotton, silk, 49 (L) x 27-3/4 (W) inches.. White Tara is the goddess of long life. A small image of Amitabha Buddha is in her crown. Her right hand is in the gift-giving gesture (varada mudra) while her left holds up a peony. In front of her are offerings flanked by Amitayus and Vijaya. Executed in the Kham style.

  • Thumbnail for Cherry Blossom Viewing
    Cherry Blossom Viewing by Hiroshige, Ando

    9.5 x 13.5 in. Print of a landscape with trees hill and houses, multicolored. From series Toto Meisho published originally 1848 (Meji Edition c. 1878).

  • Thumbnail for Untitled
    Untitled by Sukenobu, Nishikawa

    Woman standing next to tree and hanging robe in black and white.

  • Thumbnail for Fragment
    Fragment by Izumi, Shigeru

    White squiggly lines on a grey rectangle, orange horizontal stripe, smaller color squiggles beneath it

  • Thumbnail for Freight Cars
    Freight Cars by Kimura, Shigeru

    Freight train on tracks in black and white.

  • Thumbnail for Fruit, Large, and Juicy
    Fruit, Large, and Juicy by Unknown

    Woodblock print, 19.5 x 26 inches. It shows Chinese workers harvesting fruit that fill the trees in an orchard. A red flag, signifying the Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976, waves over heavily laden carts. This is an example of peasant art used as state propaganda. This and images like this originated as gouache paintings done by Chinese peasants. The exhibition of the paintings in France was so successful that the government directed woodblock artists to make exact copies for sale.

  • Thumbnail for Bowl containing the Five Senses
    Bowl containing the Five Senses by Unknown

    Ink and colored pencil on paper, 23-1/2 (L) x 18 (W) inches. A formal, symmetrical composition showing a golden bowl containing a mirror, representing vision (top center), a water-bearing conch representing the sense of taste (left), a pile of fruit indicating smell (right), and a pair of yellow cymbals signifying hearing (center). These all rest on a swirling length of blue and red cloth representing the sense of touch. A visionary landscape is drawn in the background. This is skillfully rendered by an artist with prior training.

  • Thumbnail for Eight Auspicious Emblems
    Eight Auspicious Emblems by Unknown

    Ink and colored pencil on paper, 23-1/2 (L) x 18 (W) inches. This is a formal, symmetrical arrangement depicting a lotus base supporting an endless knot, a pair of golden fish, the wheel of Dharma, the victory banner, the parasol and the conch. A vase for holding the other 7 emblems is assumed to be located behind them. They appear in front of a visionary landscaped flanked by clouds, the sun and moon. this is skillfully rendered by an artist with prior training.

  • Thumbnail for Portrait of an Artist as a Nun
    Portrait of an Artist as a Nun by Sawai, Noboru (b. 1931)

    20.5 X 26 in. Woodblock and copper etching. An image of the artist as a Western nun in black merges into an image of Japan's Mount Fuji. The scratches in the image show tension, perhaps inner anger. Noboru seems to have experienced pain in adjusting to life in Western countries. Former student of Toshi Yoshida.

  • Thumbnail for “Irises and Grasshopper†from “Large Flower†Series
    “Irises and Grasshopper†from “Large Flower†Series by Hokusai

    8 X 11 inches. Woodblock print depicting irises and grasshopper.

  • Thumbnail for Untitled
    Untitled by Hiroshige, Ando

    8.25 x 10.25 in. Famous view of Edo Environs, from hill high near outskirts. From the series Toto Meisho published in 1848."

  • Thumbnail for Star Dust
    Star Dust by Hagiwara, Hideo (b. 1913)

    16.25 x 24 inches. Woodblock print of abstract soft circles and ovals of white and blue, green and back on blue ground.

  • Thumbnail for Sumidagawa Ucha No Sakura
    Sumidagawa Ucha No Sakura by Hiroshige I

    Cherry trees in rain, figures under parasols walking along river.

  • Thumbnail for Kabuki Scene
  • Thumbnail for Chao Watching Bamboo
    Chao Watching Bamboo by Pang, Cheng

    16.25 x 20 inches. Painting; Male figure looking up with bamboo in foreground with Chinese script in upper right. The painting shows the scholar Chao, some bamboo, and a calligraphic homage to the scholar. Here, the modern Chinese artist follows in a long and respected tradition of paying homage to a previous painter and poet, and in this way carrying the past into the present. Sometimes, but probably not here, this entails emulating the famous person's own calligraphic style. The sense that the brush, making a stroke on paper, conveys something of the inner spirit of the person holding the brush reappeared in modern Abstract Expressionism.

  • Thumbnail for Floating
    Floating by Yoshida, Toshi (1911-1995)

    Woodblock print, 14.25 x 9.75 inches, by Toshi Yoshida. Gray and white abstract in a moire pattern. Toshi based this on the way the old Ukiyo-e masters made mosquito netting in their prints, by printing the vertical lines of the net first, and overprinting that with a block printing the horizontal lines of the net, except that Toshi used wavy lines instead of straight. The result is a complex visual effect. Toshi used this type of pattern as the background in other prints, both abstract and naturalistic.

  • Thumbnail for Under the Umbrella
    Under the Umbrella by Sawai, Noboru (b. 1931)

    Woodblock and copper etching, 30 X 21 inches, by Noboru Sawai. Image of a nude woman with body painting holding an umbrella while seated in a wheelbarrow. In the background are an old barn and a copse of trees on Vancouver Island, Canada. It a visual poem or riddle. The artist was a student of Toshi Yoshida before establishing his own studio in Canada.

  • Thumbnail for Quarreling and Scuffling in Woman's Bathhouse (or ""Bathhouse Quarrel"")
    Quarreling and Scuffling in Woman's Bathhouse (or ""Bathhouse Quarrel"") by Utagawa, Yoshiiku

    8.5 x 17 inches. Lithograph. Nude and robed women in bathhouse.

  • Thumbnail for Ujon’s Journey
    Ujon’s Journey by Moy, Seong (b. 1921)

    11 x 15 inches. Color woodblock print of large wavy line moves from bottom left to top right. Small areas of intense color. Background of muted brown and gray.

  • Thumbnail for Ishigakusi
    Ishigakusi by Hiroshige II

    Daimyo procession with banners. Trees in foreground and mountains in background. Red seal on lower right corner.

  • Thumbnail for Fukeroi
    Fukeroi by Hiroshige I

    Three trees against spring sky, figures working in rice paddies, two kites flying and calligraphy.

  • Thumbnail for Twin Devils
    Twin Devils by Kobashi, Yashuide

    12 x 9 inch color woodblock print. A pink rectangular face with horns above a blue rectangular face with feet on black ground.

  • Thumbnail for Hunting Vase
    Hunting Vase by Anonymous

    Greenglazed earthenware morturary jar

  • Thumbnail for Pair of Equestrian Figures
    Pair of Equestrian Figures by Anonymous

    Earthenware with pigments; mortuary sculpture of two male riders on Chinese-style horses. Elaborate fittings painted on the horses; holes for attachable legs, tails, and ears suggest that parts of the sculpture may have been made of wood.

  • Thumbnail for Bodhisattva
    Bodhisattva by Anonymous

    Small cast figurine of a Bodhisattva on the lotus plinth. Traces of pigment can still be seen on the white ceramic body