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  • Thumbnail for Padmasambhava (Thangka)
    Padmasambhava (Thangka) by Unknown

    This is a colored pencil drawing representing a thangka form, 23-1/2 (L) x 18 (W) inches. The Indian guru Padmasambhava is shown in the top center. Below to his left is his patron, the 8th century Tibetan king Trisong Detsen who invited him to spread Buddhist Dharma in Tibet. To his lower right is the Khembo (abbot) Shay-Wa-Tsen, who mediated between Padmasambhava and the king. A pair of crossed thunderbolts (vajras) ae located in the center of the composition. The snowy Himalayas and a clear blue sky are shown behind them. This image is also very skillfully rendered by an artist with prior training in the making of thangka paintings.

  • Thumbnail for Bubble of Life
    Bubble of Life by Yoshida, Tsukasa (b. 1949)

    22.5 x 13.5 in. woodblock print. Lightly clad woman, diving from negative space into a bubble in which are crab, bird, fish, other bubbles. Tsukasa's work is often symbolic. Here there seems to be an invitation to leave an empty existence by diving into another reality. Tsukasa always does his own carving and printing, producing only a few prints each year. He is the son of Toshi Yoshida and is the head of the Yoshida Studio in Tokyo.

  • Thumbnail for Watanabe Studio
    Watanabe Studio by Watanabe, Shozobaro

    Studio in foreground with mountain and trees in background.

  • Thumbnail for Poem 71-30
    Poem 71-30 by Maki, Haku

    Japanese letter with symbols in black and red on white.

  • Thumbnail for Portrait of an Artist as a Nun
    Portrait of an Artist as a Nun by Sawai, Noboru (b. 1931)

    20.5 X 26 in. Woodblock and copper etching. An image of the artist as a Western nun in black merges into an image of Japan's Mount Fuji. The scratches in the image show tension, perhaps inner anger. Noboru seems to have experienced pain in adjusting to life in Western countries. Former student of Toshi Yoshida.

  • Thumbnail for Movement
    Movement by Yoshida, Toshi (1911-1995)

    Woodblock print, 21.5 X 27.75 inches. A beautiful blue and green abstract wave seems to loom up and forward, its open spaces forming a face with small drops as eyes. The artist is being playful, his image a gesture. His print stands in sharp contrast to the greatest wave in Japanese art history, Hokusai's "Under the Great Wave at Kanagawa."

  • Thumbnail for Cherry Tree in Kawagoe
    Cherry Tree in Kawagoe by Yoshida, Hiroshi (1876-1950)

    16 x 11 inches. Woodcut relief print. Figures in foreground; purple, brown and orange village and background. Posthumously printed by Toshi Yoshida, Hiroshi’s eldest son and heir to studio. It shows cherry blossoms and figures in fr ont of a Buddhist structure and bridge on the outskirts of Tokyo. Hiroshi was a very important oil painter, watercolorist, and woodblock artist. His style has been called "Romantic Realism." He would portray a scene in nature, usually in Japan but also in the United States, in a light that would evoke deep feelings in the viewer. Within the shin hanga, or new print movement, his work is distinct. Some of his most admired prints have long been out of print. Toshi, his son, used Hiroshi's same woodblocks and pigments to print new editions of these works, this print being example. Hiroshi was the leading second generation artist in the Yoshida family.

  • Thumbnail for Peaceful Wild Animals
    Peaceful Wild Animals by Yoshida, Toshi (1911-1995)

    24.5 x 37.75 inches. Woodblock print; Black print with lion and 2 lionesses. A lion and two lionesses resting on a rock in the African savanna. This is the black and white keyblock print for a print made in full color with the same title and date. Toshi's carving shows incredible skill in modeling the full bodies of the animals with simple lines. It was carved on one very large cherrywood block. Toshi loved Africa and its wildlife. His seal in the lower right. It is possible to trace Toshi's career as an artist by means of this and other prints. Untitled (Rabbits in Battle), soclaa001040, represents his sketch book drawing when he was 5 years old; Raicho, soclaa001105, with considerable detail was his earliest self-carved and self-printed work at age 19; Peaceful Wild Animals, soclaa001124, one of his largest prints was made when he was 63 years old.

  • Thumbnail for Under the Umbrella
    Under the Umbrella by Sawai, Noboru (b. 1931)

    Woodblock and copper etching, 30 X 21 inches, by Noboru Sawai. Image of a nude woman with body painting holding an umbrella while seated in a wheelbarrow. In the background are an old barn and a copse of trees on Vancouver Island, Canada. It a visual poem or riddle. The artist was a student of Toshi Yoshida before establishing his own studio in Canada.

  • Thumbnail for Ram Jar
    Ram Jar by Anonymous

    Green glazed ceramic mortuary jar, or perhaps lamp. The Chinese word for ram rhymes with the Chinese word for good fortune, thus explaining the presence of this animal motif in the mortuary art of early China

  • Thumbnail for Procession of Sparrows (A Japanese fairy tale)
    Procession of Sparrows (A Japanese fairy tale) by Ogata, Gekko

    Processing people in multicolored robes dancing, purple color bled through the paper.

  • Thumbnail for Pagoda Tile
    Pagoda Tile by Anonymous

    Green glazed stoneware tile with guardian figure

  • Thumbnail for Ewer
    Ewer by Anonymous

    Yellow glazed terracotta wine server

  • Thumbnail for Granary
    Granary by Anonymous

    Green glazed terracotta mortuary sculpture

  • Thumbnail for Ewer
    Ewer by Anonymous

    Bronze Wine Warmer

  • Thumbnail for Bearded Nobleman
    Bearded Nobleman by Anonymous

    Painting of a nobleman, standing in profile against a rose and gold tinted sky. Probably Deccani; gouache on paper. Persian inscription, “Nasr Qadir Khan.†Probably the Central Asian ally of Mahmud of Ghazni.

  • Thumbnail for Patmanjari Rag
    Patmanjari Rag by Anonymous

    Rajasthani; gouache on paper.

  • Thumbnail for Malkosh
    Malkosh by Anonymous

    Rajasthani; gouache on paper.

  • Thumbnail for Man with Patched Cloak
    Man with Patched Cloak by Anonymous

    Gouache on paper. Persian inscription, “Description of a poor person.â€

  • Thumbnail for Goldi-Ragni
    Goldi-Ragni by Anonymous

    Rajasthani; gouache on paper.

  • Thumbnail for Hindu Temple
    Hindu Temple by Anonymous

    Folk Painting, probably from Orissa, perhaps from the Krisna Jagannath Temple in Puri. The verso has a false attribution to the famous modern painter Jamini Roy; colors on paper.

  • Thumbnail for Beradi-Rag
    Beradi-Rag by Anonymous

    Rajasthani; gouache on paper.

  • Thumbnail for Madhumadhvi: Rag
    Madhumadhvi: Rag by Anonymous

    Rajasthani; gouache on paper.

  • Thumbnail for Sake Ewer
    Sake Ewer by Anonymous

    Glazed stoneware; possibly Mino ware.

  • Thumbnail for Model of a Stove
    Model of a Stove by Anonymous

    Green glazed terracotta mortuary sculpture