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  • Thumbnail for Hikaru no go
    Hikaru no go

    Image of a popular manga featuring a young male 'go' wizard.This series is seen as being responsible for a rise in interest in playing 'go' among young people.

  • Thumbnail for Cloud Gate Dancer
    Cloud Gate Dancer

    Photo of dancer Chou Chang-ning of the Cloud Gate Dance Theater performing a piece called "Cursive."

  • Thumbnail for In Reponse to Criticism of the Five Year Plan
    In Reponse to Criticism of the Five Year Plan

    Illustration ofa heroic industrial worker using a jackhammer to break into the underground den of the opponents of the first Five-Year Plan.

  • Thumbnail for Yonsei University:  Introduction to Korean Studies
    Yonsei University: Introduction to Korean Studies

    Not all of the classes for exchange students are in Korea. To learn the basics of Korean history, Introduction to Korean Studies touches on all areas related to Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Seoul streetlife
    Seoul streetlife

    This is a typical street in Seoul. There is little shade sometimes from the sun, so it isn't uncommon to see a few people walking around with umbrellas on a sunny day.

  • Thumbnail for Yonsei University:  Korean Language Institute
    Yonsei University: Korean Language Institute

    During the summer program, this area is filled with students between classes and nearby is a cafeteria, at the tables there are usual several trays filled with Korean food.

  • Thumbnail for Cake from bakery
    Cake from bakery

    It is not unusual to see many kinds of cakes of elaborate design being sold in bakeries. Most celebrations such as birthdays or special occasions involve this kind of cake. Many people are seen carrying boxes of these. If one goes to Korea, be sure to buy one of these for a special occasion: they're quite inexpensive.

  • Thumbnail for Fishing boats
    Fishing boats

    Along the coast there are many harbors where fishermen keep their boats in order to go out and fish for the day.

  • Thumbnail for Seafood preparation
    Seafood preparation

    This is a photo of a woman preparing a fish for a customer.

  • Thumbnail for Singapore's Chinatown
    Singapore's Chinatown

    Chinatown with decorations for Chinese New Year which was 2005-02-09.

  • Thumbnail for Timah Nature Reserve:  monkeys, 3
    Timah Nature Reserve: monkeys, 3

    Monkeys along the roadside at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in Singapore.

  • Thumbnail for Hindu temple
    Hindu temple

    Looking inside the front door of the Hundu Temple.

  • Thumbnail for Korean food stand
    Korean food stand

    These kinds of food stands are located all over the streets of Seoul. They sell a variety of Korean food and are made on the spot. Unless you have adjusted to the food in Korea, wait a little before trying these items, but they are worth trying.

  • Thumbnail for Wheel of life
    Wheel of life

    Also sometimes called the "Wheel of Transmigration". Ink and color on cloth painting depicting the six possible paths of Buddhist rebirth. Rippling of image shows effects of keeping scrolls rolled up over long periods of time. Said to be from the Tibetan region of China.

  • Thumbnail for Bukit Timah Nature Reserve:  monkeys
    Bukit Timah Nature Reserve: monkeys

    Monkeys along the roadside at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in Singapore.

  • Thumbnail for Raffles Plaza Hotel
    Raffles Plaza Hotel

    The executive lounge at the Raffles Plaza Hotel, Singapore.

  • Thumbnail for Section of a Mandala
    Section of a Mandala

    Gold and color on cloth painting of repeated Buddha images within concentric circles fashioned as open lotus leaves. Most likely cropped from a larger composition and re-mounted.

  • Thumbnail for Chairman Mao
    Chairman Mao

    Lifesize print of Chairman Mao Zedong. Red inscription along the bottom says "We wish Chairman Mao long life". Righthand side says "Respectfully donated by a Red Guard organization".

  • Thumbnail for Yixing teapot - bottom
    Yixing teapot - bottom

    Bottom of Yixing teapot showing impression of seal.

  • Thumbnail for Dish with red bat motif - side view
    Dish with red bat motif - side view

    Pedestal dish with underglaze enamel painting. Bat motif seen as lucky in China.

  • Thumbnail for Cloissone bowl
    Cloissone bowl

    Large cloissone bowl with lotus motif. Possibly used in Buddhist ceremonies as an offering dish.

  • Thumbnail for Book illustration: Avame (Iris or Mershinskia)
    Book illustration: Avame (Iris or Mershinskia) by Kuwagata Keisai

    Practiced both painting and printmaking, recognized for his “realistic†depictions of Edo environs and culture. Some of the earliest uses of woodblock printing in Japan were for the recording of objects and events, images of which were bound together into record books and encyclopedias. With a renewed interest in science brought about by increased exposure to the west many artists used the skills learned in depicting ceremonial and symbolic flora and fauna to create catalogues and books of native flora and fauna. These images bear only the artist’s signature and do not include publishers’ and cravers’ marks because the prints were not intended to be sold on the print market but rather bound into a book.

  • Thumbnail for A mother seated and reading a letter while her daughter combs her hair
    A mother seated and reading a letter while her daughter combs her hair by Utamaro Kitagawa

    The dominant ukiyo-e artist of the late 18th century, Utamaro is as famous for his legendary life as for his unsurpassed images of courtesans and famous beauties of his day. Bijin-ga (images of beauties) might be of actual contemporary and historic women or of an idealized type of beauty specific to a time and region. Courtesans in particular were usually depicted in the latest and most elaborate fashions of the day. After restrictive censorship laws were passed in the 1840s, many artists turned to generalized pictures of the latest fashions and more domestic settings for their images of beauties. Even in domestic settings many of Utamaro’s prints have a strong element of the erotic.

  • Thumbnail for The actor Iwai Kumesaburo VI as Shizuka-gozen
    The actor Iwai Kumesaburo VI as Shizuka-gozen by Utagawa Toyokuni I

    A student of Toyoharu, Toyokuni became the head of the Utagawa school after his master’s death. At eighteen the artist published his first works, a series of illustrations of Japanese folk tales and thereafter he devoted much of his early career to the creation of bijin-ga. He achieved the greatest renown, however, for actor prints in which he was one of the first to show the full bodies and the costumes of his subjects. Like his contemporary Kitagawa Utamaro, Toyokuni was punished for the content of some of his prints, at one point being sentenced to fifty days in hand-shackles for his series Ehon Taiheki (The Taihei Romance Illustrated). By the 1820s Toyokuni’s name had become synonymous with fine prints of actors and their roles. A tragic female character in numerous Kabuki plays, Shizuka-gozen offered Kabuki actors a chance to portray the gamut of emotions from love to mourning and demanded a great degree of agility and grace as she danced before the gods and her captors.

  • Thumbnail for Bronze censor  - back view
    Bronze censor - back view

    Cast in the form of the mythical three-legged toad, emblematic of the unattainable and great wealth, the upper portion of its body forms the cover and the three spread legs, the base. Its mouth is pierced to allow the incense to drift upwards. This beast has both Taoist and Buddhist implications, as do many of legendary beasts and creatures in traditional Chinese iconography. 8 inches long, 5 inches high.