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  • Thumbnail for Beijing University welcomes new classmates
    Beijing University welcomes new classmates

    Rows of bicycles line a Beijing University campus hall, while overhead a bright red banner reads "warmly welcome new classmates."

  • Thumbnail for Beijing bicycles
    Beijing bicycles

    Row of bicycles parked on a Beijing street. In the 1980s, most commuters still used old-model bicycles to get to work.

  • Thumbnail for No Durians Allowed
    No Durians Allowed

    Durians are banned in Hawker Centers because of their strong smell, which some love and some hate.

  • Thumbnail for Table settings
    Table settings

    This table outside is set with food for spirits.

  • Thumbnail for Setting the stage
    Setting the stage

    Two men are setting this stage for the celebration of the Hungry Ghost festival.

  • Thumbnail for Feast for the spirits
    Feast for the spirits

    Fruit, food and drink are all placed on a table for spirits.

  • Thumbnail for Setting offerings
    Setting offerings

    This woman is adding more offerings to this collection.

  • Thumbnail for Religion in public
    Religion in public

    People leave offerings for the spirits during the Hungry Ghost Festival along public sidewalks.

  • Thumbnail for Long table of offerings
    Long table of offerings

    This long table contains many offerings.

  • Thumbnail for Restaurant meal
    Restaurant meal

    Dishes from a restaurant in Chinatown.

  • Thumbnail for Tourists on Sentosa
    Tourists on Sentosa

    Tourists relax on Sentosa, a small vacation island of Singapore.

  • Thumbnail for Siloso Beach
    Siloso Beach

    Part of Sentosa Island, Siloso Beach is a popular vacation destination.

  • Thumbnail for Street Musician
    Street Musician

    A man plays music on a walkway near Chinatown.

  • Thumbnail for Streets of Little India
    Streets of Little India

    A street in Little India.

  • Thumbnail for Sundaresvara in palanquin
    Sundaresvara in palanquin

    Sundaresvara carried in palanquin, morning procession; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 1982; procession on 4th morning; Keywords: deities, sundaresvara, decoration, palanquin

  • Thumbnail for Devotee at temple
    Devotee at temple

    Devotee arrives at temple; pulled the small ters from Salem; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 1982; Devotee has pulled small ters with hook in back, from Salem; Keywords: devotees, vows

  • Thumbnail for Ratha procession
    Ratha procession

    Sundaresvara ratha procession; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 1982; 11th morning procession, West Masi Street; Keywords: vehicles, ratha, procession, sundaresvara

  • Thumbnail for Rope-pullers, ratha procession
    Rope-pullers, ratha procession

    Rope-pullers; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 1982; Keywords: devotees, ratha, procession

  • Thumbnail for Sundaresvara

    Sundaresvara, during Minaksi digvijaya; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 1984; Keywords: sundaresvara, digvijaya

  • Thumbnail for Site-pacification

    Brahmin assistant drags burning bundle into street, to pacify or purify Avani Mula Street, during vithi-vastusanti ceremony.; Minaksi temple, Avani Mula, 2007; Leaving Putu-mandapa at east entrance, onto East Avani Mula Street. Bundle made of samittu: dry sticks of margosa, araca tree, and other kinds of light wood.; Keywords: priests, santi

  • Thumbnail for Jnanasambandar

    Jnanasambandar image, before 6th evening procession. On the 6th evening, the great Tamil devotees (nayanmar) of Siva are recognized.; Minaksi temple, Avani Mula, 2007; East Adi Street, near elephant stables; Keywords: nayanmars

  • Thumbnail for Sundaresvara on Kalpataru vehicle
    Sundaresvara on Kalpataru vehicle

    Siva Sundaresvara mounted on Kalpataru (wish-granting tree) vehicle, awaiting 1st procession; Minaksi temple, Avani Mula, 2007; 1st evening procession; Keywords: sundaresvara, vehicles, decoration

  • Thumbnail for Oil-rag lamps
    Oil-rag lamps

    Oil-rag lamps held during street site-pacification (vithi- vastusanti), a necessary purifying rite before festival processions.; Minaksi temple, Avani Mula, 2007; Keywords: personnel

  • Thumbnail for Minaksi Wedding
    Minaksi Wedding

    Minaksi's Marriage (tirukalyana) sculpture, depicting Visnu, Minaksi, and Siva Sundaresvara, in Puthu-mandapa. Mid-seventeenth century.; Minaksi temple; Putu-mandapa; Keywords: deities, minaksi, mandapas

  • Thumbnail for Minaksi

    Three-breasted Minaksi Statue, in Puthu-mandapa. Constructed in the mid-seventeenth century, during the reign of Tirumalai Nayakkar.; Minaksi temple; Putu-mandapa, SE corner; Keywords: deities, minaksi, mandapas