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  • Thumbnail for Kagura-bue, Ryuteki and Koma-bue
    Kagura-bue, Ryuteki and Koma-bue

    Three side-blown flutes used in gagaku.

  • Thumbnail for Battle of Lepanto
    Battle of Lepanto

    As the number of Christians in Japan in the 16th and 17th centuries grew, so did demand for religous paintings from Europe. Because supply far outstripped demand, it became apparent that native artists would have to be trained. Many times the artists were simply shown how to copy the European paintings directly, but in this screen, commonly thought to be a depiction of the Battle of Lepanto, no pictorial prototype appears to have been available. The composition is actually made up of an arbitrary pastiche of themes copied form various sources. The contending forces are the Turks, to the right, and the Christian battalions, tightly grouped to the left, with their logistical advantage, matchlock guns, clearly depicted.- abridged from catalogue entry by Money Hickman.

  • Thumbnail for Nirvana of the Buddha
    Nirvana of the Buddha

    Sakyamuni entered into final Nirvana just outside the city of Kusinagara lying on his left side, as if asleep, under a pair of Sala trees. The Mahaparinirvana sutra relates the events before and after the historical Buddha's death. In attendance were his disciples, as well as the Eight Classes of Divine Protector of the Buddhist Faith and numerous Bodhisattvas, who sat quietly at the Buddha's side. The Buddha's followers below are the only one's outwardly grieving.

  • Thumbnail for Minamoto Yoritomo
    Minamoto Yoritomo

    One of the earliest extant examples of formal secular portraiture. The sitter is traditionally identified as Minamoto Yoritomo (1147-1199), the first shogun of Japan. After the death of the retired emperor Go-Shirakawa in 1192, Yoritomo received from the court the coveted title of Seiitaishogun (Great General Who Quells the Barbarians).

  • Thumbnail for Barge on the Huangpu
    Barge on the Huangpu

    A barge floats along the Huangpu river on another foggy (smoggy?) day in Shanghai. As seen from Pudong.

  • Thumbnail for Four Accomplishments, Right Screen
    Four Accomplishments, Right Screen by Yusho, Kaiho (1533-1615)

    For description of this work, see left screen, soc0006111.

  • Thumbnail for Nagasaki Shrine
    Nagasaki Shrine

    Not many shrines are lucky enough to have a backdrop as beautiful as the rolling hills of Nagasaki.

  • Thumbnail for Farewell Party
    Farewell Party

    Several students from Nagasaki Gaidai, a sister school of St. Olaf, pose with Brendan Eagan during our last day there.

  • Thumbnail for Labor Demonstration in Japan
    Labor Demonstration in Japan

    The first one held in April 1901 was heckled by police and right-wing elements.

  • Thumbnail for Subway turnstyle
    Subway turnstyle

    A turnstyle, ready to take your ticket.

  • Thumbnail for Geisha, 2
    Geisha, 2

    Andy Bernard, St Olaf student, takes some time out from shopping to get his picture taken with a geisha.

  • Thumbnail for Pedestrians on a Busy Sidewalk
    Pedestrians on a Busy Sidewalk

    Pedestrians on a busy sidewalk in Japan find a jungle of McDonalds carts, traffic, and subway entries.

  • Thumbnail for Flower Shop Display: Wreaths
  • Thumbnail for Kuchi

    Japanese make-up display.

  • Thumbnail for Family at Park
    Family at Park

    A family enjoys a morning together at their local park by eating sweet-bread.

  • Thumbnail for Kimono Fabric
    Kimono Fabric

    A beautiful black kimono.

  • Thumbnail for Train symbols
    Train symbols

    Symbols for train ticket availability. (i.e. sleeper car, express train etc.)

  • Thumbnail for Anime poster
    Anime poster

    Inu Yasha poster at a bookstore.

  • Thumbnail for Vendor selling crabs
    Vendor selling crabs

    A man stands by his shop, selling fresh crab.

  • Thumbnail for Two children
    Two children

    Colorized postcard, dated October 10, 1908, with English script at bottom of two children in traditional dress in San Francisco's Chinatown. Inscription reads: "10/10/08 Hey Billy, which is the boy and which is the girl? Guess and I will send it to you --Y.E. (?)" Printed red text along bottom reads: "No. 16, San Francisco, California. Chinese Aristocrats. Reduced to poverty by earthquake and fire. April 18, 1906."

  • Thumbnail for Dobuku or Short Jacket
    Dobuku or Short Jacket

    The dobuku was a short jacket worn by high-ranking samurai from the late Muromachi to early Edo periods. This example is made of leather and has seven white leather paulownia crests appliqued to the front and back.

  • Thumbnail for Garden of the Humble Administrator: Bonsai Gardens
    Garden of the Humble Administrator: Bonsai Gardens

    Photo of the Bonsai gardens, which contain approximately 700 bonsai plants, in the Garden of the Humble Administrator in Suzhou. This garden, built during the Ming dynasty, is the largest private garden in the city.

  • Thumbnail for The Street Where They Lived
    The Street Where They Lived

    Photo of the huge red-light district in Tokyo known as Yoshiwara, which flourished for more than three hundred years.

  • Thumbnail for Lamp Hanging in Yu Gardens
    Lamp Hanging in Yu Gardens

    Picture of a hanging lamp and slice of dragon roof in the Yu Gardens complex, Shanghai.

  • Thumbnail for Gate at Todai-ji
    Gate at Todai-ji

    The enormous scale of this enormous gate at Todai-ji is hard to imagine until one sees people standing next to it.