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    This crenulated foliation is defined by elongate omphacite interleaved with clinozoisite, sphene, chlorite, muscovite, and the rarer glaucophane crystals. Euhedral though fractured garnets contain chlorite, muscovite, and omphacite inclusions. Hexagonal porphyroclasts of randomly-oriented chlorite are scattered throughout.

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    Glaucophane, muscovite, sphene, and elongate aggregates of epidote-group minerals define the foliation in this thin section. Poikiloblastic garnet and omphacite grains contain inclusions which include glaucophane and rutile and the host minerals show resorption textures.

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    This thin section consists of several zones. The first, a fine-grained glaucophane schist with accessory sphene and zoisite. Microcrenulations cause the boundaries between individual glaucophane crystals to blur. This zone is abruptly cut by a green, omphacite-rich band. In the third zone, the glaucophane fabric is interleaved with elongate aggregates of omphacite and other accessory minerals.