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    Strongly aligned, microcrenulated glaucophane and muscovite define the tightly folded foliation of this rock. Sphene is skeletal with inclusions of both aforementioned phases.

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    Strongly aligned, microcrenulated glaucophane is the primary constituent of this blueschist. Sphene and muscovite are much less abundant.

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    This blueschist consists mostly of aligned glaucophane, micas, and sphene. Occasional inclusion-rich porphyroclasts of nephaline are observed.

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    Fine-grained glaucophane, the primary constituent of this blueschist, is aligned to form a foliation. Sphene is visible to the at the macroscopic scale and ranges in grain shape from euhedral diamonds to skeletal masses. Sphene twinning is evident.

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    A contact between blueshist and an omphacite boudin is captured in this thin section. The blueschist side is strongly foliated due to aligned glaucophane with interspersed sphene and minor muscovite and chlorite. The contact itself is an aggregate of sphene with interstitial chlorite and clinozoisite. Omphacite is the dominant mineral on the other side of the contact, though some glaucophane, muscovite, sphene, and clinozoisite is present. Quartz rims surround reddish opaques.