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    Corporate philanthropy and consumer preference by Hughes, Jessica Lauren

    This study examines what factors influence decisions to purchase products associated with their companies’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns. The study highlights the discrepancy that exists between consumers’ stated intent to purchase products associated with CSR practices and their actual buying habits. The thesis then develops a model in which both personal values and awareness of CSR campaigns are tested as influences on consumers’ purchase decisions. This model is unique because it measures these two factors with respect to consumers’ brand loyalty of various products associated with CSR campaigns. The study collects survey and focus group data to answer three questions: (1) to what extent do brand loyalty, values, and awareness influence consumers’ decisions to purchase products associated with CSR campaigns, (2) how do demographic variables influence consumers’ values and awareness of CSR campaigns, and (3) why are consumers either influenced by or indifferent to products associated with corporate philanthropy campaigns?

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    Our core values

    Brief video clips showcasing Colorado College's core values: honor the life of the mind as the central focus of our common endeavor; value all persons and seek to learn from their diverse experiences and perspectives; practice intellectual honesty and live with integrity; serve as stewards of the traditions and resources of Colorado College; nurture a sense of place and an ethic of environmental sustainability; encourage engagement and social responsibility at local, national and global levels; seek excellence, constantly assessing our policies and programs.