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    Emotion's role in enhancing television advertisements by Ellis, Christopher Alexander

    Advertising is a crucial form of communication between businesses and consumers and is present in almost everything we, as humans do. Currently, college-aged students, ages 18-24, are becoming a more important consumer group. Advertisers are continually looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of advertisements targeted at this demographic. Television commercials are used as a means of studying advertising effectiveness due to the amount of viewing reported by the chosen demographic. The question presented in this thesis is; which factors have the greatest influence on increasing the effectiveness of television commercials? Consumer recall is used as a means of measuring this effectiveness. After this question is addressed, a discussion will follow determining which type of appeal, emotional or rational, should be used to optimize advertisement effectiveness. Through surveys and logit regression analysis, it can be determined which factors have the greatest influence on consumer recall and which appeal is best used in reaching young adults, ages 18-24.

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    Badass by Weber, Alexander

    A photograph and video created by Colorado College student Alex Weber as part of the course, FG206 Critical Media Studies, taught by Assistant Professor Heidi Lewis during Block 2, 2012.