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  • Thumbnail for Can a better digital marketing metric be built?
    Can a better digital marketing metric be built? by Pinto, Nicholas

    Online advertising yields advanced tracking capabilities and vast amounts of user-specific data, something traditional advertising lacks. Tracking technology and the methods used to buy and sell ads have advanced considerably in recent years, but the flawed metrics of the past, such as click-through rate, are still often relied upon. The development of free and user-friendly web analytics software offers new possibilities for monitoring the effect digital campaigns have on user behavior. This paper uses observational data from a small U.S. advertiser to compare campaign statistics with analytics data from the advertiser’s website in an effort to find new possibilities for measuring digital advertising campaigns.

  • Thumbnail for Demographic determinants of skier satisfaction
    Demographic determinants of skier satisfaction by Testwuide, Michael

    According to recent ski industry research, skiing is, at best, stagnant. At worst, it is doomed for a collapse in the next few decades because of its primary demographic, the baby boomers, will no longer be participating in the sport. Also, with the current economic crisis that we are facing, some ski areas have already felt major effects and are on the brink of failure. In this competitive market environment, ski destination success depends strongly on a thorough analysis of customer satisfaction. Ski area managers need to identify the drivers of customer satisfaction, measure satisfaction levels, and derive the right strategies to increase satisfaction. Many ski resorts monitor customer satisfaction regularly using on-mountain surveys. Using regression analysis from surveys conducted by the National Ski Area Association for the 2008/2009 ski season, this thesis will investigate the demographic determinants associated with skier satisfaction.

  • Thumbnail for Determinants of attendance In ski resorts
    Determinants of attendance In ski resorts by Domenech, Diego

    Increasing attendance is crucial for the livelihood of ski resorts. With out customers the resorts would not operate. In order to determine the factors that drive attendance in ski resorts it is necessary to use data from previous years to see which variables drive attendance. The approach used to identify the variables involved a dynamic demand function, and an estimation of the effect of these variables using an Ordinary Least Squares regression model. The data used in this study originated from Ski Industries America, and private information obtained from an inside source. The results of the study suggest that there are steps that resorts can take to increase attendance. The most significant variables price, acres, vertical drop, and snowfall. The magnitude of the four aforementioned coefficients is large relative to the others in the model.

  • Thumbnail for Ski resort marketing in the United States
    Ski resort marketing in the United States by Webb, Derrick Scott

    Marketing strategies have changed over the last few decades and are still changing. Marketing managers need to realize these changes in marketing strategies and use them effectively to market to the changing demographic of skiers. Skiers are getting older and the numbers of advanced skiers is increasing, but as they get older more and more of the baby boomer generation is exiting the sport there needs to be a strong effort to encourage younger and newer participants to avidly pursue the sport and more importantly start them at your resort and keep them as lifelong participants. The purpose of this thesis is to research different marketing strategies and campaigns so that resort marketers can determine where and how to allocate them. In addition it will determine which marketable expenditures positively affect skier visits.