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  • Thumbnail for The Poetry of Natalia Elizarova in Translation
    The Poetry of Natalia Elizarova in Translation by Sundstrom, Sarah Ingrid

    In this thesis I have translated a selection of poems of the contemporary Russian poet, Natalia Elizarova, into English. These translations provide a glimpse into modern Russian life that would not have previously been accessible to the English reader. They additionally capture the rich and complicated history of Russia in a very personal and emotional form. I have started with a comparison and analysis of different translation theories in order to give the reader a theoretical basis for my work. I specifically analyzed various theories of translation as applied to Eugene Onegin, the masterwork of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, by three different translators. I then explain the conclusions I have drawn from this analysis, and how I have applied them to my own approach. I have included a short biography of Natalia Elizarova, as well as a translation of an interview with her good friend and former professor at the Gorky Literary Institute in Moscow, Tatiana Nikolskaya. This is followed by my translations of six of Natalia Elizarova’s poems with accompanying commentaries. Finally, I have presented my conclusions from my work, about my mixed theoretical approach to translation, as well as my conclusions on the meaning and importance of Elizarova’s poetry. I have also included an appendix, which contains the original Russian text of my interview with Tatiana Nikolskaya. I hope that my work can inform and interest readers in Russian culture, contemporary poetry, Natalia Elizarova, and translation theory, as well as aid future translators with my own theoretical conclusions.

  • Thumbnail for Reflections on a Survey about Environmental Perspectives from Saint Petersburg to Kazan
    Reflections on a Survey about Environmental Perspectives from Saint Petersburg to Kazan by Freyer, Hannah

    Russia has suffered from environmental problems throughout history, but there were also periods characterized by environmental consciousness. From Stalinist times to Gorbachev, environmentalism was at times banned, and at times encouraged. This study investigates the perspectives of university educated Russians beliefs about environmental issues through a survey put out in 2015. 105 respondents participated in the survey across four Western Russian cities including Moscow, Kazan, Arkhangelsk, Saint Petersburg, and an additional group labeled as “other” cities. Results suggest that respondents show concern about ecological environmental issues. Respondents believe that people must start to make changes in their personal lives to better environmental conditions.