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  • Thumbnail for Nagasaki Middle School
    Nagasaki Middle School

    A Nagasaki middle school performance of traditional dances.

  • Thumbnail for Chihatechangkun

    These are traditional guardians usually found outside or at the entrance of a village. There are various kinds, usually are represented as a man or a woman.

  • Thumbnail for Chusak ceremony
    Chusak ceremony

    Every year there is a celebration of honoring ones ancestors. There is usually an offering of food for the ceremony served with fruits, rice wine, and other homemade dishes. The text is written in Chinese.

  • Thumbnail for Thorp Collection 053, Earthgod Shrine, Antiwei
    Thorp Collection 053, Earthgod Shrine, Antiwei

    Thorp Collection, Earthgod Shrine, Antiwei. This image and all others identified as ecasia000072 through ecasia000278, are scans of images from the James Thorp Collection, Earlham College. An explanation and description of the collection and its origin are included in the description of image I.D. ecasia000072.

  • Thumbnail for Chusak holiday traditional offerings
    Chusak holiday traditional offerings

    During the Chusak Holiday (a time when traditional Koreans honor their ancestors), the women prepare a large feast of homemade food consisting of various fruits, cooked dishes, fish, and rice wine.

  • Thumbnail for Korean masks
    Korean masks

    This is a man selling Korean traditional masks that we used in the Korean traditional mask dance. Andong, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Miyajima Torii
    Miyajima Torii

    This picture is of the famous torii at Miyajima. Miyajima island has been occupied for hundreds of years by emperors and shogun because of it`s beauty and purity. In fact, the government, wanting to maintain the purity of Miyajima, has made it illegal to be born or die on Miyajima. Every day the tide comes in and goes out, allowing the throngs of tourists to poke around on the beach near the base of the gigantic torii. These children were making use of stepping stones, pulling their parents with them.

  • Thumbnail for Noh

    The actor Umewaka Rokuro leads a busy life, reviving ancient Noh plays, presenting new Noh productions and performing overseas.

  • Thumbnail for Dolmen

    Pre-history Korea had a funeral service which required three large slabs of rock where the larger rock is placed on two others and over time, pushes the two below further and further apart. Below ground is where the body is buried. Usually the person buried there was of high status.