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  • Thumbnail for Something fishy :  an analysis of non-resident fishing license demand in Minnesota
    Something fishy : an analysis of non-resident fishing license demand in Minnesota by Ordway, Jackson P.

    Recreational fishing license sales bring in huge revenues for state governments. There is tremendous value in knowing how a state could increase that revenue by selling more licenses. Much research has been done on modeling the demand for fishing using resident license sales as the dependent variable, but no one has looked at what determines non-resident fishing license sales. Therefore, the purpose of this thesis is to build a model to describe the determinants of non-resident fishing license sales in the state of Minnesota. Using twelve years worth of data and an ordinary least squares regression model this paper will examine the effects various variables have on non-resident license demand. Understanding what drives non-resident license sales can be very helpful for states hoping to increase license revenues.

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    Determinants of recreational fishing license demand by McMillin, Brian

    This paper examines the determinants of the demand for resident annual recreational fishing licenses across the upper-mid-west region of the United States. Statewide aggregate data was collected from North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin in an attempt to understand what drives license sales across a national framework. Analysis of the results of an Ordinary Least Squares regression provides states with the opportunity to understand how much changes to the determinants affect license sales. It was determined that seven out of ten possible determinants provided significant results. Understanding of these determinants will allow states to improve efficiency of license sales, which in turn leads to higher revenue and better conservation efforts.