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  • Thumbnail for The Contract Year Determinants of an NBA Player's Salary
    The Contract Year Determinants of an NBA Player's Salary by Liss, Aaron

    The purpose of this study is to identify the primary determinants of an NBA player’s salary from his contract season performance. While some factors are outside a player’s sway, such as height and age, others such as points per game are within their control, and this study examines which factors are significant. The study examines 272 players and data from the year before they signed their new contract. A regression analysis tests the relationship between salary as the dependent variable and a number of independent variables. The analysis reveals that NBA teams value players who score points and generate wins (as measured by win shares). While teams will never forego the human aspect and evaluation present in every transaction, analyzing the statistical side should help expose some market inefficiencies currently present in the NBA.

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    Odetta in Concert by Odetta, 1930-2008

    Legendary singer, songwriter, actress and human rights activist Odetta performs as part of CC's Black History Celebration. Dubbed by Martin Luther King, Jr. as the "Queen of American Folk Music", she has been cited as the main influence of artists such as Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Tracy Chapman, Carly Simon and Jewel. Her most recent album, "Gonna Let it Shine," received a 2007 Grammy nod and Real Blues Magazine referred to it as "the most important album of this generation." Recorded February 21, 2008.