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  • Thumbnail for Hodduck

    This is a hodduck, which is a mobile stand that is cheap and serves tasty food. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Singapore's Chinatown during Chinese New Year
    Singapore's Chinatown during Chinese New Year

    Chinatown during the week of Chinese New Year. Many street vendors and people.

  • Thumbnail for Korean food stand
    Korean food stand

    These kinds of food stands are located all over the streets of Seoul. They sell a variety of Korean food and are made on the spot. Unless you have adjusted to the food in Korea, wait a little before trying these items, but they are worth trying.

  • Thumbnail for Vending machines:  alcoholic beverages
    Vending machines: alcoholic beverages

    With the variety of vending machines on the street, to live in Japan you'd never have to step foot inside of a store. Here is a row of vending machines offering beer and liquor.

  • Thumbnail for Wet Market
    Wet Market

    The Wet Market is like a Farmer's Market. There are fish and fresh produce. Located in Chinatown, Singapore.

  • Thumbnail for Bartering in Korea
    Bartering in Korea

    While in the markets, unless it is a name brand store, a shopper can barter down on various prices. Commonly, however, this only used for merchandise such as clothing and shoes, etc. Food is usually not bartered.

  • Thumbnail for Fruit Stand
    Fruit Stand

    A fruit stand is set up on the sidewalk for people to browse as they shop.

  • Thumbnail for Vendor selling crabs
    Vendor selling crabs

    A man stands by his shop, selling fresh crab.

  • Thumbnail for Ewha's Women's University shopping district
    Ewha's Women's University shopping district

    This is Ewha's Women's University shopping area. Here we have a chance to see what kind of people shop in this area. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Seoul food stand
    Seoul food stand

    The food stands in the streets of Seoul are open sometimes until the late hours. These stands at night are closed up and then carried by their owner on wheels back home.

  • Thumbnail for Buddhist Bouquets
    Buddhist Bouquets

    Word to the wise, don't buy this bouquet for your date. It's for Buddhist altars only.

  • Thumbnail for Nam Dae Mun Market street vendor
    Nam Dae Mun Market street vendor

    This is a typical scene in which we find the seller and his wears. Most of these tables have pants, shirts, and any other article of clothing that anyone would need to buy. Unless you really know what you are doing, bartering is no longer done. Plus, most of the items are cheap enough to buy at the fixed price without having to feel buyer's regret. Seoul, South Korea

  • Thumbnail for Korean masks
    Korean masks

    This is a man selling Korean traditional masks that we used in the Korean traditional mask dance. Andong, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Seafood preparation
    Seafood preparation

    This is a photo of a woman preparing a fish for a customer.

  • Thumbnail for Seoul seafood market stands
    Seoul seafood market stands

    There is a long line of seafood at seafood markets. Shown above is only a small section of a seafood market.

  • Thumbnail for Vendors selling clothes on the sidewalk
    Vendors selling clothes on the sidewalk

    Vendors sell clothes off of blankets spread out in the sidewalk in Taiwan. Also a common sight on the streets in China.

  • Thumbnail for Vending machine:  beverages
    Vending machine: beverages

    A vending machine offering hot and cold drinks in a subway station.

  • Thumbnail for Vending machine:  ice cream
    Vending machine: ice cream

    Subway stations aren't safe from the presence of vending machines - even ice-cream vending machines.

  • Thumbnail for Nam Dae Mun Market main gate
    Nam Dae Mun Market main gate

    This is the main gate to Nam Dae Mun Market, it is well known by Koreans as well as loved by foreigners. Seoul, South Korea

  • Thumbnail for Nam Dae Mun Market
    Nam Dae Mun Market

    In the busy outdoor markets of Seoul one may find that though there are many shops, there is not a lot of variety. In order to survive as an establishment, one must do anything that it takes to reel in the customers. At this particular restaurant, they display their food outside so that a customer (foreigner) may know what they may want to buy in order to settle their stomachs. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Seafood market
    Seafood market

    Primarily along the shores of Korea, there are rows upon rows of various stands selling all assortments of seafood. Each customer and can handpick which fish they want to take home to eat.