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  • Thumbnail for Hikers

    Andy Bernard and Brendan Eagan take some time out from their hike to pose with a dormant volcano in the background.

  • Thumbnail for Deer at Nara, 2
    Deer at Nara, 2

    Deer at Nara eating.

  • Thumbnail for St. Olaf 2003 Interim Group in Shanghai
    St. Olaf 2003 Interim Group in Shanghai

    Members of the St. Olaf 2003 Interim class, National Identity in China and Japan, posing in front of the Huangpu River and the sights of Pudong in Shanghai. Left to Right: Reclining: Max Bunge Kneeling: Andy Bernard, Brendan Eagan First Row Standing: tourguide 'Esther,' Lauren McClain, Andrea Ritland, Emily Wiedenhoeft, Sarah Rotschafer, Stephanie Johnson, Annie Woudenberg (behind--) Robert Crawford, Angie Lau, Professor Robert Entenmann, ECNU liason from Waiban (Professor--? Wu?) Back Row: Aiko Guevara, Siljie Reksnes, Phong Do, Binn Xue, Naoya Nishino, Annie Haugen, Carl Gellert

  • Thumbnail for Yonkojun sports fans cheering on Yonsei University
    Yonkojun sports fans cheering on Yonsei University

    This is the Yonkojun celebration. In this picture we see students from Yonsei University cheering for their team. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Garden of the morning calm
    Garden of the morning calm

    One of the school paid trips was to the mountains where exchange students rented a cabin and visited some of the gardens, which when seen from above is in the shape of South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Yonkojun sports game
    Yonkojun sports game

    This is the great get together between the two colleges: Korea University and Yonsei University. This is a friendly rivalry involving cheering and sports. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Landscapes of Japan, 02, Weathered granodiorite, Shirasakatage.
    Landscapes of Japan, 02, Weathered granodiorite, Shirasakatage.

    Weathered granodiorite, Shirasakatage. -- In mountainous terrain weathered rock material, a major component of soil, is rapidly carried away downslope. The result is soil that is thin, poor and rocky. The eroded material may be deposited along a river farther downstream producing a floodplain, or it may be carried all the way to the sea. Because most Japanese rivers and streams are short and fast moving, much of the material goes to the sea. Agriculture is difficult in the mountainous parts of Japan because of steep slopes and poor soils, and much of this land remains covered by forest.

  • Thumbnail for Nap Time
    Nap Time

    A number of middle-schoolers have trouble staying awake in class.

  • Thumbnail for Boys at School
    Boys at School

    Three boys enjoying their time between classes.

  • Thumbnail for School Girls
    School Girls

    School girls take a break from studying.

  • Thumbnail for Deer at Nara
    Deer at Nara

    A student feeds deer at Nara.

  • Thumbnail for Students Studying
    Students Studying

    Students studying in the main library at Qinghua University, Beijing.

  • Thumbnail for Yonkojun festivities leader
    Yonkojun festivities leader

    When roaming the streets in the spirits of Yonkojun, one cannot take on that task alone. Joining groups of your respective major always had an Alpha that points everyone in the right direction of food. Without this person, nothing gets done. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for School computer classroom, middle school
    School computer classroom, middle school

    This is the computer classroom in a middle school in Japan. The computers are used to complete assignments from other classes, as well as for instruction in computer class, per se, so that the students are learning to employ computers across the curriculum.

  • Thumbnail for Nagasaki Middle School
    Nagasaki Middle School

    A Nagasaki middle school performance of traditional dances.

  • Thumbnail for Tiananmen

    Demonstrators dance in Tiananmen, in high spirits even two days after the martial law declaration.

  • Thumbnail for Yonsei University's main gate
    Yonsei University's main gate

    The image shown is the road leading up to the main gate. This is where most of the students are seen wandering before and after classes. The library, the Global Lounge, and engineering buildings are all located here as well.

  • Thumbnail for Demilitarized Zone ROK soldier
    Demilitarized Zone ROK soldier

    Each Republic of Korea soldier at the Demilitarized Zone looks like the soldier shown above, standing in the more intimidating and revised version of a Judo stance. Their motto is, "Everyday we face our enemy".

  • Thumbnail for Students Marching at West China Union University
    Students Marching at West China Union University

    “In China, university students are an important political force. In a country where there is widespread illiteracy combined with a lack of a democratic tradition, young students filled with some learning and much zeal are political enthusiasts.†[70] Collective demonstrations of resolve extended to non-political activities as well. Here West China Union students march in a parade that was part of campus festivities.

  • Thumbnail for Sports at West China Union University
    Sports at West China Union University

    Foot races at West China Union University

  • Thumbnail for Cleaning Time
    Cleaning Time

    These girls aren't too busy cleaning to cheese it up for the camera.

  • Thumbnail for Boys on Stairs
    Boys on Stairs

    A group of Japanese school boys show off for the camera.

  • Thumbnail for Sushi on conveyor belt
    Sushi on conveyor belt

    Brendan Eagan enjoys a dinner of sushi at a "rolling sushi" restaurant (the food comes to you on a conveyer belt) with his host family in Nagasaki.

  • Thumbnail for Farewell Party
    Farewell Party

    Several students from Nagasaki Gaidai, a sister school of St. Olaf, pose with Brendan Eagan during our last day there.

  • Thumbnail for Meal in China
    Meal in China

    St. Olaf student Phong Do (Class of 2005) enjoys a sweet-and-sour-fish tail in China, Interim 2003.