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  • Thumbnail for Li Hongzhang
    Li Hongzhang

    Li Hongzhang, one of the prominent ministers under Prince Gong during the late Qing Dynasty, concerned with provincial reform; also assigned to go to Japan and negotiate with the victors there after the victorious maneuver on the part of the Japanese in Shandong, 1895.

  • Thumbnail for President Sun Wen
    President Sun Wen

    Portrait on postcard of President Sun Wen (later Sun Yat-sen), who in 1921 became president of the provisional government of the Republic of China.

  • Thumbnail for Japan, 1951:  Election Day in Tokyo
    Japan, 1951: Election Day in Tokyo

    Election Day in an industrial area of Tokyo shows political representatives using megaphones as 'loudspeakers' as they describe the virtues of their candidates. Each party representative awaits his turn. One candidate is fined for spending over $3,000. on election expenses! Because all Japanese are literate we can more easily understand why 90% exercise their right to vote. --This was the description to accompany this image as written by Arthur O. Rinden, the photographer. His description, which he referred to as a "script", was to accompany a slide show of the images for family and others.

  • Thumbnail for Labor Demonstration in Japan
    Labor Demonstration in Japan

    The first one held in April 1901 was heckled by police and right-wing elements.

  • Thumbnail for Ishigakusi
    Ishigakusi by Hiroshige II

    Daimyo procession with banners. Trees in foreground and mountains in background. Red seal on lower right corner.

  • Thumbnail for Red China's Mao: New War, Old Warlord
    Red China's Mao: New War, Old Warlord

    Cover of Time Magazine from December 11, 1950, depicting Mao's head surrounded by a cloud of red grasshoppers.

  • Thumbnail for Dogmatism

    An official in this illustration is depicted carrying an umbrella labelled "dogmatism," refusing to let the rain water the flowers and plants. A writer nearby asks him "Why won't you let the flowers and sprouts get some spring rain?" The official answers "That would never do! As soon as there is rain, poisonous weeds would grow up."

  • Thumbnail for Moving away from Marx
    Moving away from Marx

    Illustration from the cover of TIME; photo of Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in the middle of a three-panel folding screen, who is presiding over the transition from an agricultural socialist state to a new one marked by hamburgers, cameras, Nike shoes, high-rises and blue jeans.

  • Thumbnail for Red China's Chou Enlai
    Red China's Chou Enlai

    Cover of TIME magazine-- May 10, 1954; a smiling Chou Enlai is backed up by a blood-smeared dragon trying to break out from behind the "Bamboo Curtain."