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  • Thumbnail for Battle flag
    Battle flag

    Battle flag in the shape of a right triangle. Made of red cotton with a black cotton Chinese character in the center, which probably represents the name of the battalion.

  • Thumbnail for Hong Kong Flag
    Hong Kong Flag

    Flag of Hong Kong; a five-petaled white flower in the middle of a red field.

  • Thumbnail for Future Axis of WWII
    Future Axis of WWII

    Italian, German, and Japanese flags waved together on the Ginza in 1937 to commemorate an anti-Communist pact signed by these three nations.

  • Thumbnail for Wartime Japan
    Wartime Japan

    Expressing anti-American sentiment, American flags were painted on sidewalks to be trampled and defiled during WWII.

  • Thumbnail for Independence Hall of Korea:  South Korean flag
    Independence Hall of Korea: South Korean flag

    This giant flag is made of artificial lotus flowers, the national flower and in front Independence Hall.

  • Thumbnail for Taiwan's national anthem
    Taiwan's national anthem

    National Anthem of Taiwan (Republic of China).

  • Thumbnail for Shrine Roof with Flag
    Shrine Roof with Flag

    The Japanese flag waves proudly from the roof of a shrine in Nagasaki.