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  • Thumbnail for Money Tray
    Money Tray

    Because of the negative associations the Japanese have with directly handling money, they use trays like these to place money in and hand to the customer/clerk. Photograph taken at Hokkaido Post Office.

  • Thumbnail for Currency:  100 Hong Kong Dollars, Front
    Currency: 100 Hong Kong Dollars, Front

    Front of a bill denoting 100 Hong Kong dollars. The current rate of exchange [2000] makes this bill equivalent to approximately $12.50 US.

  • Thumbnail for Currency:  100 Taibi, back
    Currency: 100 Taibi, back

    Back of 100 Taibi note.

  • Thumbnail for Coin sword
    Coin sword

    Sword made of coins threaded onto a string. Said to have been hung over the cots of newborn babies to ward off evil spirits.