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  • Thumbnail for Daring English and American Soldiers Scale the Lofty Walls of Peking
    Daring English and American Soldiers Scale the Lofty Walls of Peking

    Illustration showing American and English soldiers climbing the walls of Beijing.

  • Thumbnail for Manga

    A close up on Inu Yasha and Ranma 1/2 manga at a bookstore.

  • Thumbnail for Harry Potter
    Harry Potter

    Harry Potter books on display for sale, Japanese style.

  • Thumbnail for Moving away from Marx
    Moving away from Marx

    Illustration from the cover of TIME; photo of Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in the middle of a three-panel folding screen, who is presiding over the transition from an agricultural socialist state to a new one marked by hamburgers, cameras, Nike shoes, high-rises and blue jeans.

  • Thumbnail for Soviet Pavilion
    Soviet Pavilion

    An illustration of the Soviet Pavilion in Beijing. Smiling spectators point at the doves circling the pinnacle of the tower in the center.

  • Thumbnail for Nagasaki:  American witness
    Nagasaki: American witness by Story, Louise

    Article from the New York Times, June 20, 2005, about articles written in September, 1945, by American correspondent George Weller. In the articles Mr. Weller described what he witnessed in Nagasaki shortly after the end of the war. The articles were censored by Douglas McArthur's censorship office and have only recently, 2005, finally been published. Click above to read the text of the New York Times article.

  • Thumbnail for Can Hong Kong Survive?
    Can Hong Kong Survive?

    Cover illustration from May 19, 1997 issue of Newsweek shortly before China's resumption of sovereignty over Hong Kong on July 1, 1997.

  • Thumbnail for True Face of America
    True Face of America

    An illustration showing the garment of the Statue of Liberty is snatched aside, revealing it as a place of refuge for Nazis, Japanese war criminals, the Klu Klux Klan, capitalists and gangsters.

  • Thumbnail for Ram Cards
    Ram Cards

    Ram cards usher in the new year.

  • Thumbnail for Magazines

    A few examples of the bright and overstimulating magazines available in Japan seen in a bookstore.

  • Thumbnail for Kodansha

    This picture was taken in front of the Kodansha publishing offices at the end of the Taisho era. The paraders are about to set forth to advertise magazines.

  • Thumbnail for China Can Say No
    China Can Say No

    Cover illustration from the book "China Can Say No--Political and Emotional Choices for the Post Cold War Era," by Song Qiang, Zhang Zangzang and Qiao Ban. The inscription across the top reads: "When China says no, it's not for the purpose of seeking conflict, but in order to speak on a more equal footing."

  • Thumbnail for Children's Books
    Children's Books

    A display of childrens books at a bookstore in a Tokyo department store.

  • Thumbnail for Embarkation Card
    Embarkation Card

    An example of an embarkation card, which everyone entering Japan must fill out.

  • Thumbnail for First Train Starting from Shanghai
    First Train Starting from Shanghai

    Engraving depicting the first train starting from Shanghai, marking the opening of the first railroad train in China.

  • Thumbnail for Hawaii statehood
    Hawaii statehood

    Political cartoon commenting on Hawaii's admittance into the Union. The caption reads: "Please ma'am, may I come in?" and is delivered by a timid chubby child representing Hawaii. Behind the kindly woman, "Miss Columbia," a motley assortment of people is running wild, including a "Chinaman" with a queue being pummeled by another immigrant.

  • Thumbnail for Anime Magazines
    Anime Magazines

    Magazines specializing in manga and anime.

  • Thumbnail for Red China's Mao: New War, Old Warlord
    Red China's Mao: New War, Old Warlord

    Cover of Time Magazine from December 11, 1950, depicting Mao's head surrounded by a cloud of red grasshoppers.

  • Thumbnail for Dogmatism

    An official in this illustration is depicted carrying an umbrella labelled "dogmatism," refusing to let the rain water the flowers and plants. A writer nearby asks him "Why won't you let the flowers and sprouts get some spring rain?" The official answers "That would never do! As soon as there is rain, poisonous weeds would grow up."

  • Thumbnail for Kanji Dictionary
    Kanji Dictionary

    A shelf full of kanji dictionaries in a Tokyo department store.

  • Thumbnail for Hand-set Type
    Hand-set Type

    It could be exasperating when dealing with a language burdened by thousands of kanji.

  • Thumbnail for Hikaru no go
    Hikaru no go

    Image of a popular manga featuring a young male 'go' wizard.This series is seen as being responsible for a rise in interest in playing 'go' among young people.

  • Thumbnail for In Reponse to Criticism of the Five Year Plan
    In Reponse to Criticism of the Five Year Plan

    Illustration ofa heroic industrial worker using a jackhammer to break into the underground den of the opponents of the first Five-Year Plan.

  • Thumbnail for Magazines in bookstore section of a super-store
    Magazines in bookstore section of a super-store

    This section of the magazine rack in a new super-store features offerings for female adolescents. Interestingly, a number of the titles are in English, including magazines titled, Wink Up, Kitty Goods, and Ego system. The color schemes employed in the magazine covers are interesting, also, as reflections of colors seen elsewhere in contemporary Japanese culture.

  • Thumbnail for Dragon Surrenders
    Dragon Surrenders

    Illustration from Manhua showing Soviet engineers helping to tame the dragon of the Heilongjiang, or 'Black Dragon River,' in China's far northeast.