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  • Thumbnail for Tonkatsu

    Despite being in Korea there was always plenty of fried pork, a dish originating from Japan.

  • Thumbnail for Kimchi

    This dish is made of fermented cabbage or radish. It is refrigerated and is served at every meal. Its taste can range from sweet to very spicy. There is a time during the year when all of the families make their own batch of kimchi and store it in a single fridge designed specifically to handle this odorous favorite dish.

  • Thumbnail for Korean soup
    Korean soup

    In Korea there are several kinds of soups and many of them contain both cold or warm noodles with vegetables and different kind of spices. Note the metal spoon and chopsticks.

  • Thumbnail for Sundubu

    Before or after an afternoon class in the Korean Language Institute at Yonsei, this is a common lunch of boiled tofu in a stone bowl with several hot spices with clams and an egg, accompanied by rice, kimchi, and bean sprouts.

  • Thumbnail for Korean meal at home
    Korean meal at home

    Each person at a meal in a home does not have a main plate, but instead eats from a communal plate in the middle along with smaller dishes surrounding filled with various kinds of vegetables or fish.

  • Thumbnail for Cake from bakery
    Cake from bakery

    It is not unusual to see many kinds of cakes of elaborate design being sold in bakeries. Most celebrations such as birthdays or special occasions involve this kind of cake. Many people are seen carrying boxes of these. If one goes to Korea, be sure to buy one of these for a special occasion: they're quite inexpensive.

  • Thumbnail for Seafood preparation
    Seafood preparation

    This is a photo of a woman preparing a fish for a customer.

  • Thumbnail for Kimche

    The kimche on the left is made from radishes and the one on the right is the better known cabbage kimche. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Korean traditional food
    Korean traditional food

    This is a display of some Korean food involving a cold noodle dish called chapchae, the drink is a traditional cold tea called sujungkwa, and there is a spicy thick rice cake dish called ddukboki. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Gimbop preparation
    Gimbop preparation

    This everyday treat is a sheet of seaweed wrapped around rice, pieces of spam, egg, radish, and other various things as chosen by the eater.

  • Thumbnail for Namyun noodle dish
    Namyun noodle dish

    This is mild, sticky, cold noodle dish called Namyun. Seoul, South Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Mandugook

    This is a dumpling soup called mandugook. Seoul, South Korea.