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  • Thumbnail for School

    Most Japanese schools have classrooms connected by outdoor hallways.

  • Thumbnail for Kanto Earthquake
    Kanto Earthquake

    It struck on September 1, 1923, destroying most of Yokohama and Tokyo. Fires started by the tremor aided the devastation. (Shown burning is the headquarters of the metropolitan police in Tokyo.)

  • Thumbnail for Neighborhood Public Hall
    Neighborhood Public Hall

    This is in the basement of the Ueda Kominkan, the Public Hall in the neighborhood of the Earlham House. The case holds an array of porcelain/ceramic dishes that could be used by community members if they were to rent the room for a function. The small girl standing in front is Sakurakko, our Program Associate’s daughter.

  • Thumbnail for Tiananmen Square
    Tiananmen Square

    Tiananmen with Mao's portrait and soldiers on guard duty.

  • Thumbnail for Machida Station
    Machida Station

    The always busy Machida Subway Station.

  • Thumbnail for Mail Counter
    Mail Counter

    Counters in a Japanese post-office

  • Thumbnail for School Sidewalk
    School Sidewalk

    The front-yard of a middle-school

  • Thumbnail for Old Entrance to Forbidden City
    Old Entrance to Forbidden City

    Photograph of the tower at old entrance to the Forbidden City in Beijing.

  • Thumbnail for Yonsei University hasukchip
    Yonsei University hasukchip

    Many of the universities in Korea are too crowded to take in all of the students in the dorm, so many students rent a room in a student boarding house. This particular boarding house is located less than 40 feet from the entrance to the East Gate of Yonsei University.

  • Thumbnail for Ura

    A little behind the scenes look at the post-office.

  • Thumbnail for Ruins of the Yuan Ming Yuan
    Ruins of the Yuan Ming Yuan by Childe, Thomas

    Ruins of the Yuan Ming Yuan (Summer Palace), photographed by Thomas Childe in 1875. On October 18, 1860, Britain's Lord Elgin ordered his troops to destroy the summer palace designed by Jesuit architects for Emperor Qianlong. That same day, the Qing capitulated to further British demands.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing Summer Palace
    Beijing Summer Palace

    View of the hills of the Summer Palace in Beijing, once inhabited by the imperial family.

  • Thumbnail for Demilitarized Zone:  Joint Secret Area
    Demilitarized Zone: Joint Secret Area

    This is the place where everyday soldiers from both North and South Korea have soldiers standing off, facing one another, literally on the border between the two countries. It is a very tense situation and tourists are under strict regulation as to what they can and cannot do.

  • Thumbnail for Changdeokgung Palace Guards
    Changdeokgung Palace Guards

    One of the famous palaces that remain standing from the Three Kingdoms era in Korea is the Changdeokgung Palace. Here are several authentically dressed guards at the gate and every 20 minutes or so there is a reenactment of the changing of the guard.