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    Building the climate movement by McKibben, Bill

    Part of Notable Lectures & Performances series, Colorado College. Recorded September 18, 2007.

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    Diversification in the ski industry by Mee, Daniel

    Our planet is getting warmer, we have seen the economy tank to levels previously thought impossible and because of this the future of the ski industry is in jeopardy. How are ski resorts supposed to attract visitors year after year when there is less and less to ski? What could convince a financially struggling vacationer that a ski resort is superior to any other possible destination? Some suggest that diversification is the key. By building attractions that are independent of snow, a resort ensures that its guests have ways to occupy themselves when the skiing isn't as good. Those same attractions add value to the resort and make it a more attractive vacation destination. This thesis utilizes statistical regressions to analyze data collected from surveys conducted by the National Ski Areas Association. The purpose of this analysis is to address the question of whether or not the diversification of individual ski resorts in the United States can protect them from the harmful effects of a warming climate and an unstable economy.