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    Impersonation: Rockies' history comes alive by Jenkinson, Clay

    Clay Jenkinson, cultural commentator, author, and first-person impersonator, in-character as John Wesley Powell, offers contemporary comments on Powell's reactions to the challenges facing the Rocky Mountain region today. Jenkinson is the scholar behind the Thomas Jefferson of public radio's The Thomas Jefferson Hour and winner of the Charles Frankel Prize. Recorded April 13, 2006.

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    State of the Rockies

    In this overview, Walter E. Hecox, State of the Rockies project director and Elizabeth Kolbe, State of the Rockies program coordinator, present topics addressed during the 2009 State of the Rockies, including: How do environmental concerns affect life in the Rockies? How do we manage the inevitable growth here in the Rockies? What are megapolitans? Why should I care about the recreational sector of the Rockies?