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  • Thumbnail for Education as an investment
    Education as an investment by Walcott, William C. P.

    The value of education is paramount in the life of every human being. This thesis will test how, and to what degree, institutional prestige can affect starting and mid-career salary for college graduates. This thesis will also test the significance of four other variables - the average acceptance SAT score, the school acceptance rate, the percentage of classes with fewer than 20 students, and the tuition level. It was found that prestige as a dummy variable is statistically significant only when considered alone. When all variables are tested simultaneously, SAT scores and school acceptance rates are far more important factors determining future salary. This research will serve the greater purpose of educating prospective college students on the importance of their decision and on which college reputation contributing factors are the most important in regards to future salary potential.

  • Thumbnail for Determinants of attendance In ski resorts
    Determinants of attendance In ski resorts by Domenech, Diego

    Increasing attendance is crucial for the livelihood of ski resorts. With out customers the resorts would not operate. In order to determine the factors that drive attendance in ski resorts it is necessary to use data from previous years to see which variables drive attendance. The approach used to identify the variables involved a dynamic demand function, and an estimation of the effect of these variables using an Ordinary Least Squares regression model. The data used in this study originated from Ski Industries America, and private information obtained from an inside source. The results of the study suggest that there are steps that resorts can take to increase attendance. The most significant variables price, acres, vertical drop, and snowfall. The magnitude of the four aforementioned coefficients is large relative to the others in the model.

  • Thumbnail for NHL determinants on salary/contract size
    NHL determinants on salary/contract size by Johnson, Tyler Arthur Sr.

    In this thesis I will be testing to see what the determinants for a National Hockey League forwards salary/contract size. I will be using a number of independent variables that I feel best describes a National Hockey League forwards salary size. The Main part to this thesis is to try and find out if being born in the first ninety days of the year will give you a better chance at being more successful, by making more money in the NHL. The Null Hypothesis in this study is that Birth Date will have a positive effect on the NHL forwards salaries. The way to achieve these results I will be running regressions with 13 independent variables. After the regression is ran I will hope to see a positive correlation with birth date and size of salary. With all of the independent variables I will also hope to find which one of the variables will have the highest positive correlation.

  • Thumbnail for The role of mentorship in entrepreneurial ventures
    The role of mentorship in entrepreneurial ventures by Reddy, Daniel

    This thesis explores the role of mentorship in entrepreneurial ventures. With staggering failure rates of entrepreneurial firms, the study of the determinants of success and failure of entrepreneurs is abundant. Among the key determinants of success are the factors comprising the human capital of entrepreneurs. Using models and theories based on corporate mentorship, this thesis bridges the gap between the study of entrepreneurial human capital and mentorship. Relying on seventeen interviews with a variety of entrepreneurs from around the country, this thesis identifies the significance placed on mentorship, reveals the models these relationships can take, and identifies the primary benefits of mentorship among entrepreneurs.

  • Thumbnail for Illegal contacts : the impact of felonious conduct on future wages
    Illegal contacts : the impact of felonious conduct on future wages by Young, Christopher Thomas

    This thesis has the purpose of improving upon the study of behavior and its impact on the payment of NFL players. Previous studies have laid the groundwork for investigating this topic and this paper continues to delve into the subject. An Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) was used to analyze the data concerning salary determinants with a focus on illicit behavior. The adjusted models were met with mixed results and suggest that behavior may only have a mild impact on salary, if at all.

  • Thumbnail for Major determinants of child mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Major determinants of child mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa by Muzzy, Leslie

    This paper evaluates the fourth Millennium Development Goal that calls for a two-thirds reduction in child mortality rates. The study provides an empirical analysis specifically on child mortality rates in sub-Saharan Africa. The final analysis shows that GDP, the prevalence of HIV, the improvement of water resources, and female education are the four most significant variables in determining child mortality. The analysis concludes that governments should focus on targeting funds to specific initiatives in education, improvement of water resources, and reducing the spread of HIV infections. The current annual rate of reduction for child mortality rates in sub-Saharan Africa is 4.1%. This is insufficient to reach the fourth Millennium Development goal by the 2015 deadline.