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  • Thumbnail for  Predicting debt levels in leveraged buyouts
    Predicting debt levels in leveraged buyouts by Greenspan, Eli

    Various factors contribute to the level of debt financing used in leveraged buyouts. This paper examines the relationship between levels of buyout debt with two different categories of determinants. These determinants are broken into factors exogenous and endogenous to leveraged buyouts. Exogenous factors include credit market conditions along with industry and region of the acquired firm, while endogenous factors are firm specific, such as profitability, operating efficiency, and previous capital structure of target firms. Previous literature found that credit market conditions are the only significant indicator of debt in leveraged buyouts. This paper uses quantitative methods to show that firm specific metrics do in fact have significant relationships with buyout debt and can predict debt levels in leveraged buyouts.

  • Thumbnail for Suicide Likelihood Among Farmers in Punjab
    Suicide Likelihood Among Farmers in Punjab by Lauer, Jacob

    This study focuses on the problem of agrarian suicide in the Punjab region of India using individual level survey data. Previous research on North Indian farmer suicides has focused solely on economic and climate related causes, and ignored familial and personal characteristics of these victims almost entirely. This study fills this gap using a Logit model to analyze how different social, as well as financial and agricultural factors increase or decrease suicide likelihood among farmers in northern India. Then it further breaks down the financial components using a Tobit Regression to model how various aspects, such as education, affect farmer debt. The findings confirm previous aggregate studies of suicide showing education and marriage to be negative correlates and decreased crop profits and debt to be positive correlates of suicide; however, it also finds the coefficients of the social factors to be much larger than those of the financial and agricultural variables. This suggests that social factors, and not debt and crop failure, may be the most important keys to preventing Indian farmer suicide. The combination of these findings helps identify Indian agrarian workers who are most prone to suicide as well as provide direction for potential policy solutions to the suicide epidemic.

  • Thumbnail for Illegal immigration legislation in California : the effects of E-verify on small business
    Illegal immigration legislation in California : the effects of E-verify on small business by Jonker, Evan Berkeley

    California is home to 3 million of the United States’ 11 million unauthorized immigrants. With 9 billion dollars spent annually on illegal immigrants and their children in unreciprocated schooling, incarceration, medical, and deportation costs, California must enact new legislation if it aims to cut the nation’s biggest debt which currently stands at $77.8 billion in outstanding general obligation bonds and an additional $42.8 in authorized but unissued bonds. House Representative Elton Gallegly of District 24, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement, has recently advocated the use of E-Verify to combat the prevalence of illegal labor. This thesis includes interviews with small business owners who hire from the secondary labor market and live in District 24, and gauges their opinions on illegal immigrant labor and the use of E-verify as a way to combat it.