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    Kindergrass by Marowitz, Forrest Robert

    For my capstone project, I have set four poems by Shel Silverstein to music for children. This project combines two areas of study, music composition and music education. Raising the standard for music education in America is a strong personal interest, and my overall goal is to compose educational as well as entertaining music for young children. Each song is interactive in some way, and has been recorded with the help of both professional musicians and young children. This paper describes how I created the project, from composing the songs to learning musical pedagogy. The paper is presented in five sections. The first section introduces general music education for young children, followed by a biography of Shel Silverstein and analyses of the four poems I selected. The third section discusses children’s albums, while the fourth section describes the composition and recording process I underwent during this project. A conclusion section revisits the objectives of my project as well as summarizes my experiences during this time.

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    Musical Borrowing as Composition by Randall, Andrew

    The topic of this project is remix as a form of arrangement, as viewed through the lens of an original composition based on the harmonies in the ‘Prelude’ of Bach’s Cello Suite no. 1 in G Major (BWV 1007). From writing a sort of variation on the movement, to remixing that variation using both analog and digital means, I explore the possibilities and results of reinventing Bach in a modern context.