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    Johnson, James Alan by Finley, Judith Reid, 1936-

    Professor Johnson (CC class of 1956) graduated with a major in economics. He was hired as an instructor in the Business Administration and Economics Department immediately following his graduation. After receiving his M.A. in Economics from Stanford University in 1959, he was promoted to assistant professor in 1961, associate professor in 1969, and professor in 1980. Professor Johnson's most notable contribution to the college was as registrar from the implementation of the Block Plan in 1970 to 1990. During his tenure, he initiated computerization of student and course records, an innovative point system, and a writing program across the curriculum. Following his retirement in 1995, he continued to serve as the coach of the Colorado College Forensics Team, a position he held for over 40 years.

  • Thumbnail for Lottery Sign
    Lottery Sign

    A sign for the lottery.

  • Thumbnail for An Economic Analysis of Climate Variability, Adaptation, and Profitability in the U.S. Ski Industry
    An Economic Analysis of Climate Variability, Adaptation, and Profitability in the U.S. Ski Industry by Sheridan, Samuel George

    Climate variability is threatening businesses that rely on outdoor environments for recreational use. Despite awareness of the negative economic impacts of climate change, its effects on the U.S. ski industry have only recently been studied in more detail. This thesis aims to assess how the United States ski industry is adapting business strategy to climate variability. Using OLS regression, this study shows that adaptation strategies such as snow making are profitable to resorts and could be the answer in larger scale adaptation. Other strategies include regional and business diversification to hedge against the impending effects of climate variability.

  • Thumbnail for Family and corporate gravesite
    Family and corporate gravesite

    This site appears to be dedicated to a family as well as to a corporation.

  • Thumbnail for Another side of the Hawker Centre
    Another side of the Hawker Centre

    The back of this Hawker Centre has a market for fresh food.

  • Thumbnail for Hokkaido Train Map
    Hokkaido Train Map

    All the stops of the train system in Hokkaido.

  • Thumbnail for The business of fine art : does marketing help the fine artist become successful?
    The business of fine art : does marketing help the fine artist become successful? by Tappe, Caroline , Tappé, Caroline

    Currently, there is little information around the benefits of marketing, in respect to the fine art profession. Artists are often averse to marketing due to personality type, lack of marketing education, and the sporadic methods to success in the fine art industry. This study examines the factors that help the career of the artist, with an emphasis on marketing. Fine artists are interviewed to gather information qualitatively, and are further analyzed to articulate the contributing factors to success. Overall, the data suggests marketing as a beneficial implementation to the career of the fine artist, along with support and motivation.

  • Thumbnail for Gravesite for the UCC Coffee Company
    Gravesite for the UCC Coffee Company

    Complete with cup and saucer, this site is dedicated to workers at one of Japan's largest coffee manufacturers.

  • Thumbnail for Rocket memorial
    Rocket memorial

    This is a corporate site.

  • Thumbnail for Inside a Hawker Centre
    Inside a Hawker Centre

    Rows of food stands serving various dishes inside a typical Hawker Centre.

  • Thumbnail for Singapore Sling
    Singapore Sling

    The iconic Singapore Sling was invented at the Raffles Hotel.

  • Thumbnail for Japan, 1951:  One of many Japanese fishing fleets
    Japan, 1951: One of many Japanese fishing fleets

    Around Japan are the most important fishing grounds in the world where 1,500,000 persons are employed in securing the largest catch of any nation. They average 70 lbs. of fish per capita per year. Fishing is mostly carried on by large companies which finance effective methods and equipment which is very costly. --This was the description to accompany this image, as written by Arthur O. Rinden, the photographer. His description, which he referred to as a "script" was to accompany a slide show of images for his family and others.

  • Thumbnail for Hokkaido Train Tickets
    Hokkaido Train Tickets

    Detailed explanations of the trains in Hokkaido.

  • Thumbnail for Nixon Visits China
    Nixon Visits China

    Postcard commemorating Nixon's historic visit to China, 1972.

  • Thumbnail for The entrepreneur [2008-2009 Issue No. 3 Fall]
    The entrepreneur [2008-2009 Issue No. 3 Fall] by Colorado College. Dept. of Economics and Business

    The Entrepreneur is the official newsletter of the Colorado College Department of Economics and Business.

  • Thumbnail for Memorial site for termites
    Memorial site for termites

    The black plaque on the large white stone says "Termites." In smaller letters below it says," .... in peace" (probably something like "rest in peace," but the verb is illegible). The pillar to the right says the site was dedicated by a company in Japan that eliminates termites.

  • Thumbnail for Corporate grave site with photos
    Corporate grave site with photos

    On what for many is the "return path" back from Okunoin, parallel to the main one and on which there are many newer grave sites, are a few like this one sponsored by a large company for its employees, whose pictures are placed within large memorial stones.

  • Thumbnail for Thorp Collection 122, Road - Mapochuan - Paingshui, Gansu.
    Thorp Collection 122, Road - Mapochuan - Paingshui, Gansu.

    This image and all others identified as ecasia000072 through ecasia000278, are scans of images from the James Thorp Collection, Earlham College. An explanation and description of the collection and its origin are included in the description of image I.D. ecasia000072, "Altar of Heaven at night, Beijing," the first Thorp image presented in this project collection.

  • Thumbnail for Japan, 1951:  Transporting goods by horse and cart
  • Thumbnail for Turning Out Pig Iron
    Turning Out Pig Iron

    A color photo of steel production in China during the Great Leap Forward, by Henri Cartier-Bresson.

  • Thumbnail for Shopping Carts
    Shopping Carts

    Shopping carts in a grocery store in Hokkaido are actually a basket and cart in one.

  • Thumbnail for Hokkaido Train Price Table
    Hokkaido Train Price Table

    A pricing table for the Hokkaido train system.

  • Thumbnail for President Jiang Zemin
    President Jiang Zemin

    Cover photo of "The Nineties" magazine, Hong Kong, takes 'a sly poke' at China's former leader with a close-up of Jiang Zemin, who looks as if he is fixing his hair.

  • Thumbnail for Nixon in China
    Nixon in China

    In this cover photo from Newsweek, President Richard Nixon toasts Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai in the Great Hall of the People in March, 1972.

  • Thumbnail for Memorial for Employees of Nissan Motor Company
    Memorial for Employees of Nissan Motor Company

    This gravesite is dedicated to the deceased employees of Nissan Motor Company.