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    Voices of Bluegrass by Wright, Jessica

    Bluegrass is a genre that is rooted in tradition and culture, and those that play the genre all tend to draw from those fundamentals. As a genre that was born in the rural south, the music was very much driven by community and in-person interactions. This meant that the stories and progressions in the music remained, for many years, secluded in that area of the country. Today, the genre has gained recognition, and with that there has been an unmistakable shift away from the traditional sounds and towards a modern, folk influenced style. The stories and traditions that are such an integral part of the genreā€™s foundations run the risk of being forgotten in that transition. Thus there is great need for the documentation of these musical transformations, especially by those that play the genre. Podcasts have become a popular medium for sharing stories as they provide an outlet for synthesizing both music and discussion into one cohesive narrative. This project uses that channel to gather stories and thoughts from musicians immersed in the bluegrass scene today, to expand knowledge and appreciation of the genre, and to bridge the gap between the old and the new.