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  • Thumbnail for Vessel of Inlaid Bronze
    Vessel of Inlaid Bronze

    Vessel of inlaid bronze with lid. The decoration is embossd in red with stylized dragons and birds.

  • Thumbnail for Rhino-Shaped Vessel
    Rhino-Shaped Vessel

    Bronze vessel served as a pouring device, holding wine in its belly. The server would then pour the contents through a small spout in the left jaw. A hinged lid on the back was where the wine was put in, and was made to look like a saddle. The rhino was cast in one piece, and still has traces of gold-inlay cloud patterns. Both a sculptural and functional woek.

  • Thumbnail for Bronze wine vessel, tsun type
    Bronze wine vessel, tsun type

    Wine vessel related to the ku type, only squatter and able to hold a greater volume of liquid. The decoration features small dragons and a large incised 't'ao-t'ieh.' [as quoted from Mario Bussagli]

  • Thumbnail for Tripod incense burner
    Tripod incense burner

    Tripod incense burner, decorated with a pattern imitating rush weave, and a variety of fantastic, mythical animals. The bird which is also the lid handle is a phoenix. The four minor figures of the same bird represent a spatial symbolism which symbolizes the whole universe. Dragons and serpents complete the decoration.

  • Thumbnail for Tripod vessel with hollow legs
    Tripod vessel with hollow legs

    Tripod bronze vessel with hollow legs and 'trilobate body'; called 'Li' or 'Li-eing.' On each lobe of the vessel is featured a 'leonine T'ao-t'ieh,' clamping the cylindrical leg of the vessel between its jaws.

  • Thumbnail for Song Dynasty Teabowl
    Song Dynasty Teabowl

    Tea bowl covered in a distinctive bluish-green glaze.

  • Thumbnail for Tibetan Skull Drum
    Tibetan Skull Drum

    As described in the pamphlet, this is a "skull hand-drum, dating from Qing dynasty. Made from the skull caps of a boy and girl joined together at the tops and covered with lamb or monkey skin."

  • Thumbnail for Laozi Statue
    Laozi Statue

    Statue of Laozi from the Song Dynasty, carved from the rock of Mt. Qingyuan in Fujian.

  • Thumbnail for Rectangular Ritual Vessel
    Rectangular Ritual Vessel

    Rectangular four-legged bronze ritual vessel, of the fang ting type. Features a regular geometrical decoration in high relief on the sides; decorative motif on corners, and facing animals on the handles, all characteristic of works produced during the early Zhou period.

  • Thumbnail for Flame Vessel
    Flame Vessel

    Pottery piece dating from circa 5000 BCE. Often referred to as a "flame" vessel due to the elaborate ornamentation on the lip.