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  • Thumbnail for White Glazed Porcelain Bowl
    White Glazed Porcelain Bowl

    Shallow, flaring, thin-walled porcelain vessel; bowl divided into 6 lobes; on small ringed foot; covered with creamy, lustrous glaze; 3 small spur marks in bottom of bowl. 2 x 6 1/2".

  • Thumbnail for Vase

    Swelling small-mouthed vase with heavy foot of cream colored stoneware covered with thick, whitish slip, decorated with sgraffito designs of cranes, rabbit, humans in landscape. Numerous firing cracks filled after firing with black material. h:10†diameter: 7 1/4â€.

  • Thumbnail for Korean Meiping (plum shaped) vase with celadon glaze
    Korean Meiping (plum shaped) vase with celadon glaze

    Size: Height: 27 ½ cm. A letter from the donor is preserved and states that “The choicest article in the box (of items he sent to the library) is a celadon vase of the rare old Korean pottery, for hundreds of years only to be had from desecration of the royal tombs in which this ware had been buried with the bodies of departed dignitaries who had died prior to some five hundred years ago. This particular piece came from a royal tomb looted by Japanese.â€

  • Thumbnail for Deep Cylindrical Bowl
    Deep Cylindrical Bowl

    Squat, fluted cylindrical on ringed foot; gray stoneware covered with satiny cream-colored glaze. 4 1/4 x 4 3/4".