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  • Thumbnail for Baseball in Japan during the Occupation
    Baseball in Japan during the Occupation

    The San Francisco Seals were the first pro baseball team to come to Japan after WWII. This photo shows Lefty O'Doul posing with young fans. At his right is Mizuhara Shigeru, then manager of the Yomiuri Giants.

  • Thumbnail for Japanese Women Practicing  Firing Rifles
    Japanese Women Practicing Firing Rifles

    These women are learning how to fire rifles in an effort to help the Japanese fight during WWII.

  • Thumbnail for Heartbreak

    Recipients of ashes of the war dead were hard pressed to find solace in the thought that their beloved had the honor of dying for the Emperor.

  • Thumbnail for Hiroshima Holocaust
    Hiroshima Holocaust

    At 8:10 a.m. on August 6, 1945, an A-bomb was exploded over Hiroshima. In one second the city was destroyed and 250,000 people were killed or injured.

  • Thumbnail for Shochiku Light Opera Company
    Shochiku Light Opera Company

    Members of the Shochiku Light Opera Company are shown taking curtain calls in November 1935 at the Shinjuku Daiichi Theatre. With the changing tide in Japan, the government in general frowned on all activities having a Western flavor.

  • Thumbnail for Wartime Japan
    Wartime Japan

    Expressing anti-American sentiment, American flags were painted on sidewalks to be trampled and defiled during WWII.

  • Thumbnail for Sumo Champion
    Sumo Champion

    Futabayam Sadaji (1912-1968) remains a magic name in sumo. The 35th Yokozuna, his record of 69 straight wins still stands. This is a picture of him after he won the summer tournament in 1936.

  • Thumbnail for Railway Employees Moving People
    Railway Employees Moving People

    Even though this picture was taken in the 60's, it could easily be replicated today. People in Tokyo have had to rely on a hefty push from railway employees to get them to work during rush hour for decades.

  • Thumbnail for Future Axis of WWII
    Future Axis of WWII

    Italian, German, and Japanese flags waved together on the Ginza in 1937 to commemorate an anti-Communist pact signed by these three nations.

  • Thumbnail for Anime Magazines
    Anime Magazines

    Magazines specializing in manga and anime.

  • Thumbnail for Diamond Dolls Japanese Baseball Team
    Diamond Dolls Japanese Baseball Team

    Baseball teams organized in 1950 for women was one of the many by-products of the American occupation of Japan.