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    Oyoroi or "Great" Armor

    According to Hosokawa family tradition, this set of armor was worn in a 1358 battle in Kyoto by Hosokawa Yoriari, the founder of the family. Much of the original assemblage hat protects the body has survived: the cuirass and its pendant kusazuri (protective skirt), including the entire waidate (right side guard), and the kyubi no ita, which is suspended from the left shoulder over the chest. The two expansive osode (large upper-arm guards) are replacements dating from the sixteenth century and the sendan no ita, which would have been suspended from the right shoulder over the chest, is missing. The hoshi kabuto (star helmet) is made of narrow trapezoidal iron plates fixed with rows of neatly assembled rivets. The right-hand flap of the shikoro has lost several of its lacquered lames, a reminder of a sword blow during a fierce battle. - abridged from Shimizu, "Japan: The Shaping of Daimyo Culture".

  • Thumbnail for Detaiil of Mounted Warrior Painting
    Detaiil of Mounted Warrior Painting

    Mounted warrior, detail showing closeup of Ashikaga Takauji (1305-1358).

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    Painting of Mounted Warrior

    A depiction of a high-ranking warrior on a horse, his sword unsheathed for battle. This image has traditionally been identified as Ashikaga Takauji, head of his clan and founder of the Muromachi shogunate who lived most of his life on the battlefield.