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  • Thumbnail for Hiroshima:  Peace Park --  Memorial to children who perished  in the blast, 02
    Hiroshima: Peace Park -- Memorial to children who perished in the blast, 02

    View looking up at the memorial silhouetted against the sky. The doves are bronze statues.

  • Thumbnail for Grocery Store Display: Instant Ramen
    Grocery Store Display: Instant Ramen

    Instant Ramen, always a popular item, is shown here, pre-packaged with bowls.

  • Thumbnail for Grocery Store Display:  Curries
    Grocery Store Display: Curries

    Boxes of curry, a very popular food in Japan.

  • Thumbnail for Vending machines:  alcoholic beverages
    Vending machines: alcoholic beverages

    With the variety of vending machines on the street, to live in Japan you'd never have to step foot inside of a store. Here is a row of vending machines offering beer and liquor.

  • Thumbnail for Book Display
    Book Display

    A book display

  • Thumbnail for Toilet

    An example of a trough-style squat toilet seen all over Asia.

  • Thumbnail for Inari

    Ingredients 2 cups prepared sushi rice 3 Tbs. Mirin 3 Tbs. Sugar 4 Tbs. Soy sauce 1-1/4 cup Dashi (fish stock) 1/4 cup Shredded par-boiled carrot Salt 4 Deep-fried tofu cakes (aburage)* or 8 Canned tofu pouches *Aburage can be bought canned or frozen at many Asian food markets. The canned variety are already seasoned and sliced; if using these, plan on three or four pouches per person. Method Bring the prepared sushi rice to room temperature. (If using canned aburage, skip this next step) Pour boiling water over the deep-fried tofu cakes to remove oil. Cool, then slice each tofu cake in half lengthwise to make eight tofu pouches. In a small saucepan, combine the mirin, sugar, soy sauce and dashi together. Simmer over low heat until hot. Drain gourd strips, then add the gourd strips and tofu pouches into the stock. Heat to boil. Cover, then reduce heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Squeeze the tofu pouches and gourd strips dry. Set aside.

  • Thumbnail for Fruit Stand
    Fruit Stand

    A fruit stand is set up on the sidewalk for people to browse as they shop.

  • Thumbnail for Rice Cookers
    Rice Cookers

    High-end rice cookers for sale in a department store.

  • Thumbnail for Refrigerators

    Some overly complex refrigerators on display.

  • Thumbnail for Coffee Makers and Juicers
    Coffee Makers and Juicers

    A display of high-tech coffee makers and juicers.

  • Thumbnail for Sushi bar
    Sushi bar

    At a rolling sushi restaurant there's no need to order. The food passes each table on a conveyor belt. Afterwords, you pay by the number of plates on your table.

  • Thumbnail for Grocery Store Display:  Cheeses, Close-up
    Grocery Store Display: Cheeses, Close-up

    A close-up of some cheeses in a Japanese grocery store.

  • Thumbnail for Candy Store Display:  Mochi
    Candy Store Display: Mochi

    Mochi (rice cakes) looking very delicious.

  • Thumbnail for Nuns

    A group of Shinto nuns enjoy the day in Tokyo.

  • Thumbnail for Store display:  televisions
    Store display: televisions

    Televisions for sale

  • Thumbnail for Yasaka Shrine Celebration:  Buddha by night
    Yasaka Shrine Celebration: Buddha by night

    The buddha at Yasaka Shrine still shines bright, even at night.

  • Thumbnail for Flower Shop
    Flower Shop

    A flowershop in Hokkaido.

  • Thumbnail for Sushi on conveyor belt
    Sushi on conveyor belt

    Brendan Eagan enjoys a dinner of sushi at a "rolling sushi" restaurant (the food comes to you on a conveyer belt) with his host family in Nagasaki.

  • Thumbnail for Pedestrian Fashion 1
    Pedestrian Fashion 1

    An excerpt from Lee Magazine shows trends in hats and bags for Japanese women in 2003.

  • Thumbnail for Trolley ride
    Trolley ride

    During our stay in Nagasaki, we often rode the trolleys to get around. After spending some time at the Atomic Bomb Museum, Annie Haugen ('05) took some time during our ride to contemplate.

  • Thumbnail for Flower Shop Display: Wreaths
  • Thumbnail for Nagasaki Middle School
    Nagasaki Middle School

    A Nagasaki middle school performance of traditional dances.

  • Thumbnail for Nagasaki Skyline
    Nagasaki Skyline

    Nagasaki, sometimes described as the Japanese San Francisco, has rolling hills that help protect its inhabitants from storms.

  • Thumbnail for Gambling Mamas
    Gambling Mamas

    Pachinko, a Japanese cousin of the American slot machine, has a wide appeal. The pachinko machines of today are much flashier than the ones shown here from the 60's.