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  • Thumbnail for Beijing cyclists
    Beijing cyclists

    Cyclists on a Beijing street, Fall 1988.

  • Thumbnail for Fragrant Hills date
    Fragrant Hills date

    A People's Liberation Army officer shares a chairlift with a woman companion in the Fragrant Hills (Xiangshan), northwest of Beijing

  • Thumbnail for Kindly Arts Beauty Shop
    Kindly Arts Beauty Shop

    A beauty shop in northwest Beijing offers "scientific hair dyeing" and "Great flowery cold perms" (see window illustration).

  • Thumbnail for Kunming Lake, Summer Palace
    Kunming Lake, Summer Palace

    View from the Summer Palace's Longevity Hill (Wanshou shan), overlooking the Buddha Incense Pavilion (Foxiangge, right), Kunming Lake and the Seventeen Arch Bridge (Shiqi kongqiao) toward the city beyond..

  • Thumbnail for Build Socialism
    Build Socialism

    Cyclists, pedicabs and buses pass a billboard exhorting passersby to "Rely on one's own strength to pioneer new enterprises with painstaking effort; Do a good job of constructing a socialist economy."

  • Thumbnail for Unity, Friendship, Progress
    Unity, Friendship, Progress

    In preparation for Beijing's hosting of the 1990 Asian Games, a billboard touts a Pan-Asian theme of "Unity, Friendship, Progress" over a multinational crowd assembled on the Great Wall

  • Thumbnail for Gugong dragon ramp
    Gugong dragon ramp

    Dragon head, detail of carved stone ramp leading to the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Imperial Palace, Beijing.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University kids
    Beijing University kids

    A young boy and girl chat animatedly as they stroll on the path through the Beijing University campus.

  • Thumbnail for Workers at Beijing University
    Workers at Beijing University

    Workers at Beijing University involved in the construction of new housing for foreign students.

  • Thumbnail for Urban monk
    Urban monk

    A monk at Beijing's Yonghe Palace Lama Temple, behind which lie high-rise apartment buildings.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University Weiming Lake
    Beijing University Weiming Lake

    A placid corner of Beijing University's Weiming ("unnamed") Lake, the centerpiece of the campus and reputedly the site of several suicides during the Cultural Revolution. The lake and surrounding were constructed in the 18th century.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University welcoming poster
    Beijing University welcoming poster

    In the fall of 1988, a Beijing University student reads a wall poster welcoming new students and reminding them of the storied role of the school in 20th century Chinese history.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University Boya tower
    Beijing University Boya tower

    Beijing University's Boya tower was originally a water tower, constructed in a traditional style to harmonize with the traditional aesthetic of nearby Weiming ("unnamed") Lake and the surrounding park.

  • Thumbnail for Gugong Taihedian Jinshuiqiao
    Gugong Taihedian Jinshuiqiao

    One of five stone bridges which cross the Inner Golden River in the courtyard beyond Meridian Gate, the entrance to the Imperial Palace.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University's West Gate
    Beijing University's West Gate

    A view of Beijing University's West Gate from across the street. In front passes a horse-drawn cart with truck wheels.

  • Thumbnail for Reading flyers
    Reading flyers

    Beijing University student peruses flyers on a campus kiosk for a coffee house, photography service, and new books, among other announcements.

  • Thumbnail for One Person Blows the Flute, While the Other Plays
    One Person Blows the Flute, While the Other Plays

    Illustration from Manhua showing an American military officer in the picture playing a tune on the 'flute' (actually an American missile) while the Japanese geisha provides the breath. She carries a fan labelled "Revising the Security Treaty."

  • Thumbnail for St. Olaf Interim 2003:  Brendan at Confucian temple
    St. Olaf Interim 2003: Brendan at Confucian temple

    St. Olaf student Brendan Eagan (class of 2005) makes friends with a stone statue in a Confucian temple in China.

  • Thumbnail for Great Wall of China Sign:  Pay Attention to the Safe!
    Great Wall of China Sign: Pay Attention to the Safe!

    Sign along the great wall reading "Pay Attention to the Safe" in English (Chinese: "Zhuyi Anquan"). A better translation would be "Please be careful". Badly translated signs are rampant in China, not to mention throughout Asia.

  • Thumbnail for Mandarin Ducks
    Mandarin Ducks

    A group of mandarin ducks huddle under a bridge in the Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou.

  • Thumbnail for Nixon in China
    Nixon in China

    In this cover photo from Newsweek, President Richard Nixon toasts Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai in the Great Hall of the People in March, 1972.

  • Thumbnail for Master puppeteer Lee Tien-Lu with puppets
    Master puppeteer Lee Tien-Lu with puppets

    Photo of Master Lee Tien-lu, an internationally known puppeteer, posing with two puppets.

  • Thumbnail for Burning Incense
    Burning Incense

    Temple visitors burning incense. The text behind the worshippers reads from right to left "In Praise of the Bodhisattva Guanyin".

  • Thumbnail for Chess playing
    Chess playing by Fu Baoshi, 1904-1965

    Fu Baoshi was a literati painter, art educator and art historian. This painting reflects the period in the artist's life when his brush work had become bold, using a dotting method to bring harmony and unity to his landscapes.

  • Thumbnail for Life in a village
    Life in a village by Nie Ou, 1948-

    Painted by a female artist who taught herself to paint and who lived in the countryside during the Cultural Revolution.