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  • Thumbnail for Beijing Welcomes You in the Year of the Dragon
    Beijing Welcomes You in the Year of the Dragon

    A policeman surveys traffic under a billboard sporting Mickey Mouse and a cartoon dragon welcoming tourists in three languages.

  • Thumbnail for Fencesitter

    A small child in fur jacket and hat sits on the railing lining the Long Corridor (Changlang) at the Summer Palace in northwest Beijing

  • Thumbnail for Beijing Subway Station
    Beijing Subway Station

    Bicycle commuters stream past the entrance to a Beijing subway station during afternoon rush hour.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University stonemasons
    Beijing University stonemasons

    Stonemasons work large blocks of rock on the Beijing University campus.

  • Thumbnail for Urban monk
    Urban monk

    A monk at Beijing's Yonghe Palace Lama Temple, behind which lie high-rise apartment buildings.

  • Thumbnail for Selling hats
    Selling hats

    Hat peddler appraises the look of his ware on a potential client.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing smog
    Beijing smog

    Northwest Beijing lies under a thick layer of early winter smog generated in part by the widespread use of coal for residential heating and cooking.

  • Thumbnail for Museum complex across tiananmen Square
    Museum complex across tiananmen Square

    On the eastern side of tiananmen Square lies the 69,000 sq. m. National Museum Building (Bowuguan daxia) housing both the Museum of Chinese History (Zhongguo lishi bowuguan) and the Museum of the Chinese Revolution (Zhongguo geming bowuguan).

  • Thumbnail for Summer Palace rooftops
    Summer Palace rooftops

    Rooftops of building complex in the Summer Palace, with kitchen exhaust fans

  • Thumbnail for Makeshift window
    Makeshift window

    The subject of a blackboard urging "resolute implementation," "prevention as the mainstay" and "total annihilation" was probably a public health campaign; it now serves as a window to a Beijing apartment.

  • Thumbnail for Tiantan Qiniandian crown
    Tiantan Qiniandian crown

    Graced by a plaque identifying it as the Hall of Prayer for a Prosperous Year, the Temple of Heaven's most famous structure is capped by three sets of rounded eaves whose beams bear the imperial dragon and phoenix motif.

  • Thumbnail for Unity, Friendship, Progress
    Unity, Friendship, Progress

    In preparation for Beijing's hosting of the 1990 Asian Games, a billboard touts a Pan-Asian theme of "Unity, Friendship, Progress" over a multinational crowd assembled on the Great Wall

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University registration
    Beijing University registration

    Registration tables for the History and Language & Literature departments at Beijing University as the 1988-1989 academic year commences

  • Thumbnail for Tiantan gate
    Tiantan gate

    Detail of gateway within Beijing's Temple of Heaven complex, which is missing one of the two lion emblems that ordinarily adorn each door.

  • Thumbnail for Workers

    Workers on the Beijing University campus preparing the ground for new structures. Relations between elite university students and uneducated migrant workers are often strained.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University welcome
    Beijing University welcome

    Portion of a poster welcoming new students to Beijing University with black calligraphy on bright red paper.

  • Thumbnail for Gugong Taihedian
    Gugong Taihedian

    Rear entrance of the Hall of Supreme Harmony in Beijing's Imperial Palace complex.

  • Thumbnail for Hong Kong Flag
    Hong Kong Flag

    Flag of Hong Kong; a five-petaled white flower in the middle of a red field.

  • Thumbnail for Currency:  100 Taibi, back
    Currency: 100 Taibi, back

    Back of 100 Taibi note.

  • Thumbnail for Front of Tibetan Monastery
    Front of Tibetan Monastery

    Black & white photo of the entrance to a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Beijing.

  • Thumbnail for One Person Blows the Flute, While the Other Plays
    One Person Blows the Flute, While the Other Plays

    Illustration from Manhua showing an American military officer in the picture playing a tune on the 'flute' (actually an American missile) while the Japanese geisha provides the breath. She carries a fan labelled "Revising the Security Treaty."

  • Thumbnail for St. Olaf Interim 2003:  Brendan at Confucian temple
    St. Olaf Interim 2003: Brendan at Confucian temple

    St. Olaf student Brendan Eagan (class of 2005) makes friends with a stone statue in a Confucian temple in China.

  • Thumbnail for Barge on the Huangpu
    Barge on the Huangpu

    A barge floats along the Huangpu river on another foggy (smoggy?) day in Shanghai. As seen from Pudong.

  • Thumbnail for Advertising Along the Huangpu
    Advertising Along the Huangpu

    View of some of the tall buildings and advertisements along Shanghai's Huangpu river, glimpsed through the perpetual Shanghai haze.

  • Thumbnail for St. Olaf interim 2003 students at Tiananmen
    St. Olaf interim 2003 students at Tiananmen

    The men from St. Olaf's 2003 National Identity in China and Japan class, at Tiananmen Square. Two rows, left to right: Front: Kou Vang, Carl Gellert, Robert Crawford, Naoya Nishino, Bin Xue, Phong Do Back: Brendan Eagan, Andy Bernard, Professor Bob Entenmann, Sam Lee, Max Bunge, tourguide 'Henry.'