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  • Thumbnail for Good Friend Book Rental
    Good Friend Book Rental

    A small privately-run library advertises its wares in the window of the old brick structure it shares with the New Life Barber shop.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing from Xiangshan
    Beijing from Xiangshan

    Viewed from the Fragrant Hills (Xiangshan), the high rises of northwest Beijing lie just beyond the Summer Palace's Kunming Lake.

  • Thumbnail for Service Company Barber Shop
    Service Company Barber Shop

    Barber shop offering r S"&qucontemporary fashions" and "warm service."

  • Thumbnail for Beijing Train Station
    Beijing Train Station

    Travelers and buses in front of the Beijing Railway Station (Beijing zhan) at dusk.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University's glorious legacy
    Beijing University's glorious legacy

    Section of a poster on a campus kiosk tells new Beijing University students the history of the institution, including its relation to May Fourth and CCP luminaries like Li Dazhao, Chen Duxiu, Mao Zedong and Lu Xun, all of whom worked or taught on campus.

  • Thumbnail for Reading flyers
    Reading flyers

    Beijing University student peruses flyers on a campus kiosk for a coffee house, photography service, and new books, among other announcements.

  • Thumbnail for People's Heroes - May 4
    People's Heroes - May 4

    Bas-relief of the May Fourth student movement of 1919, one of eight revolutionary events depicted on the base of the 10-story Monument to the People's Heroes in tiananmen Square.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University Boya Tower
    Beijing University Boya Tower

    Constructed in 1924 to supply the Yanjing University campus with water, Boya ("erudition") Tower has since, along with Weiming ("unnamed") Lake, become an iconic feature of the Beijing University campus.

  • Thumbnail for Gugong lions
    Gugong lions

    Lion statues flank the stairs to the Gate of Heavenly Purity (Qianqing men), entrance to the three rear, or inner, palaces of the Forbidden City situated to the north of the Hall of Supreme Harmony, Imperial Palace.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University registration
    Beijing University registration

    Registration tables for the History and Language & Literature departments at Beijing University as the 1988-1989 academic year commences

  • Thumbnail for Shanhai guan pop stand
    Shanhai guan pop stand

    Workers hawk an orange soda drink on a sidewalk in Shanhaiguan, northeast of Beijing.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University cafeteria hours
    Beijing University cafeteria hours

    Beijing University student studying a poster listing campus cafeteria hours.

  • Thumbnail for Urban monk
    Urban monk

    A monk at Beijing's Yonghe Palace Lama Temple, behind which lie high-rise apartment buildings.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing plates
    Beijing plates

    A shiny new license plate marks a change in ownership for this rusty old bicycle.

  • Thumbnail for Dogmatism

    An official in this illustration is depicted carrying an umbrella labelled "dogmatism," refusing to let the rain water the flowers and plants. A writer nearby asks him "Why won't you let the flowers and sprouts get some spring rain?" The official answers "That would never do! As soon as there is rain, poisonous weeds would grow up."

  • Thumbnail for House on a Canal
    House on a Canal

    Photo of a boat parked in front of a house in southern China.

  • Thumbnail for St. Olaf 2003 Interim Group in Shanghai
    St. Olaf 2003 Interim Group in Shanghai

    Members of the St. Olaf 2003 Interim class, National Identity in China and Japan, posing in front of the Huangpu River and the sights of Pudong in Shanghai. Left to Right: Reclining: Max Bunge Kneeling: Andy Bernard, Brendan Eagan First Row Standing: tourguide 'Esther,' Lauren McClain, Andrea Ritland, Emily Wiedenhoeft, Sarah Rotschafer, Stephanie Johnson, Annie Woudenberg (behind--) Robert Crawford, Angie Lau, Professor Robert Entenmann, ECNU liason from Waiban (Professor--? Wu?) Back Row: Aiko Guevara, Siljie Reksnes, Phong Do, Binn Xue, Naoya Nishino, Annie Haugen, Carl Gellert

  • Thumbnail for Popular woodblock prints: pair of military door gods (1)
    Popular woodblock prints: pair of military door gods (1)

    Colored woodblock prints of popular images are associated with popular religious beliefs and ceremonies mostly observed at Chinese lunar New Year. Images of protective, military door gods (in pairs) were replaced on the front, street doors each year at New Year’s time to prevent evil from entering the house.

  • Thumbnail for Popular woodblock prints: pair of Zhong Kui figures (2)
    Popular woodblock prints: pair of Zhong Kui figures (2)

    Colored woodblock prints of popular images are associated with popular religious beliefs and ceremonies mostly observed at Chinese lunar New Year. Images of Zhong Kui, the “Demon Queller†were believed to be particularly effective in warding off evil at the beginning of summer (duanwu, the fifth day of the fifth lunar month) when hot weather begins, bringing with it pestilence and disease. At this time of year, pairs of Demon Queller prints were posted on doors to protect the household from harm. He is usually depicted with a bat, a symbol of happiness since the Chinese word for bat is identical to that for happiness (fu).

  • Thumbnail for Kindly Arts Beauty Shop
    Kindly Arts Beauty Shop

    A beauty shop in northwest Beijing offers "scientific hair dyeing" and "Great flowery cold perms" (see window illustration).

  • Thumbnail for Western Hills sunset
    Western Hills sunset

    The sun sets over Beijing's Western Hills, silhouetting the hills and towers of the Summer Palace.

  • Thumbnail for Build Socialism
    Build Socialism

    Cyclists, pedicabs and buses pass a billboard exhorting passersby to "Rely on one's own strength to pioneer new enterprises with painstaking effort; Do a good job of constructing a socialist economy."

  • Thumbnail for Beijing from the Summer Palace
    Beijing from the Summer Palace

    Northwest Beijing as seen looking over Kunming lake at the Summer Palace - Qingyi Garden

  • Thumbnail for Workers at Beijing University
    Workers at Beijing University

    Workers at Beijing University involved in the construction of new housing for foreign students.

  • Thumbnail for Fragrant Hills date
    Fragrant Hills date

    A People's Liberation Army officer shares a chairlift with a woman companion in the Fragrant Hills (Xiangshan), northwest of Beijing