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  • Thumbnail for Poster, Changing Roles, Japan, 1998
    Poster, Changing Roles, Japan, 1998

    This poster was photographed in front of a post office in Japan in 1998. The red triangular motif in the lower left is the logo for the "Peace People Japan." The interesting aspect, of course, is the depiction of a young woman, dressed in uniform, with wrenches in hand as she approaches a helicoptor. While much of Japan remains bound by tradition and roles defined by tradition, there is also far reaching social change occurring, with redefinitions of gender roles, etc.

  • Thumbnail for Poster, Hand Gun Control, Japan, 1998
    Poster, Hand Gun Control, Japan, 1998

    This poster, encouraging citizens to report suspicions of hand guns being suggled into Japan or trafficked in, etc., was photographed at the police substation in front of the Nara JR rail station, 1998. Like most of the industrialized world, Japan has been undergoing social change at an astonishing and accelerating rate in the latter part of the 20th c. and the beginning of the 21st c. How one might interpret the meaning of this poster is probably open to very considerable disagreement and argument, but the mere fact of its existence will be disquieting to many persons.