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  • Thumbnail for Hong Kong Flag
    Hong Kong Flag

    Flag of Hong Kong; a five-petaled white flower in the middle of a red field.

  • Thumbnail for Whatever Chairman Mao Tells Me to Do, I Shall Do | Mao zhuxi zenyang shuo de, wo jiu zenyang zuo
    Whatever Chairman Mao Tells Me to Do, I Shall Do | Mao zhuxi zenyang shuo de, wo jiu zenyang zuo

    Whatever Chairman Mao tells me to do, I shall do--Learn from Chairman Mao's works like Comrade Wang Jie. Illustration shows Wang Jie, a model PLA soldier who was used to promote the cult of Chairman Mao in the early 1960s, amidst grinning workers and peasants.

  • Thumbnail for Pitcher

    White pottery pitcher attributed to the Longshan culture in China.

  • Thumbnail for Tibetan Monastery
    Tibetan Monastery

    Photo of a man with a cart in the interior of a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, Yonghegong, Beijing.

  • Thumbnail for Dragon Surrenders
    Dragon Surrenders

    Illustration from Manhua showing Soviet engineers helping to tame the dragon of the Heilongjiang, or 'Black Dragon River,' in China's far northeast.

  • Thumbnail for Shanghai Street on a Windy Day
    Shanghai Street on a Windy Day

    A windy street off of Zhongshan Road in the Western part of Shanghai in winter. People pass on bicycles and in cars. A red flag blows from a telephone pole in the foreground.

  • Thumbnail for House on a Canal
    House on a Canal

    Photo of a boat parked in front of a house in southern China.

  • Thumbnail for Barge on the Huangpu
    Barge on the Huangpu

    A barge floats along the Huangpu river on another foggy (smoggy?) day in Shanghai. As seen from Pudong.

  • Thumbnail for Garden of the Humble Administrator: Bonsai Gardens
    Garden of the Humble Administrator: Bonsai Gardens

    Photo of the Bonsai gardens, which contain approximately 700 bonsai plants, in the Garden of the Humble Administrator in Suzhou. This garden, built during the Ming dynasty, is the largest private garden in the city.

  • Thumbnail for Lamp Hanging in Yu Gardens
    Lamp Hanging in Yu Gardens

    Picture of a hanging lamp and slice of dragon roof in the Yu Gardens complex, Shanghai.

  • Thumbnail for Man with Donkey
    Man with Donkey

    Vendor with a donkey near the Great Wall.

  • Thumbnail for President Jiang Zemin
    President Jiang Zemin

    Cover photo of "The Nineties" magazine, Hong Kong, takes 'a sly poke' at China's former leader with a close-up of Jiang Zemin, who looks as if he is fixing his hair.

  • Thumbnail for Cloud Gate Dancer
    Cloud Gate Dancer

    Photo of dancer Chou Chang-ning of the Cloud Gate Dance Theater performing a piece called "Cursive."

  • Thumbnail for Piece-Mold Bronze Casting Diagram
    Piece-Mold Bronze Casting Diagram

    Diagram showing the various components necessary for casting in the piece-mold process utilized in the Shang era [1500-1050 BCE].

  • Thumbnail for Can Hong Kong Survive?
    Can Hong Kong Survive?

    Cover illustration from May 19, 1997 issue of Newsweek shortly before China's resumption of sovereignty over Hong Kong on July 1, 1997.

  • Thumbnail for Confucian Statue
    Confucian Statue

    Confucian statue, found in the Confucian temple directly across from a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Beijing.

  • Thumbnail for Red China's Mao: New War, Old Warlord
    Red China's Mao: New War, Old Warlord

    Cover of Time Magazine from December 11, 1950, depicting Mao's head surrounded by a cloud of red grasshoppers.

  • Thumbnail for Bronze Casting Diagram
    Bronze Casting Diagram

    Diagram showing how a bronze food cauldron is cast using the piece mold method during the Shang dynasty.

  • Thumbnail for Ceremonial Axe
    Ceremonial Axe

    Bronze axe with man and beast motif. May have been a token of rank and an instrument in conducting human sacrifices. "The innocent face, flanked by a pair of animals, usually identified as tigers, seems blissfully unaware of any unhappy outcome, and the tigers, most ferocious of beasts, are surprisingly benign." [as quoted from Robert Thorpe]

  • Thumbnail for Dogmatism

    An official in this illustration is depicted carrying an umbrella labelled "dogmatism," refusing to let the rain water the flowers and plants. A writer nearby asks him "Why won't you let the flowers and sprouts get some spring rain?" The official answers "That would never do! As soon as there is rain, poisonous weeds would grow up."

  • Thumbnail for Chairman Mao greets Red Guards
    Chairman Mao greets Red Guards

    A photo of Chairman Mao in military uniform greeting Red Guards at the outset of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

  • Thumbnail for Xinjiang Food
    Xinjiang Food

    Three men walk underneath a sign advertising Xinjiang cuisine in Shanghai.

  • Thumbnail for Vessel of Inlaid Bronze
    Vessel of Inlaid Bronze

    Vessel of inlaid bronze with lid. The decoration is embossd in red with stylized dragons and birds.

  • Thumbnail for Bronze Vase
    Bronze Vase

    Bronze vase with rounded bottom and narrower neck opening up to a wider mouth. Song dynasty copy of earlier bronze age works.

  • Thumbnail for General Charles
    General Charles

    Portrait of General Charles "Chinese" Gordon, dressed here in robes presented by the Emperor, who led the Chinese army to victory against the Taipings.