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  • Thumbnail for Rukai carving tools
    Rukai carving tools

    Carving tools used by a Rukai artisan.

  • Thumbnail for Vendor selling crabs
    Vendor selling crabs

    A man stands by his shop, selling fresh crab.

  • Thumbnail for Sanshin

    A string instrument almost always used in performance of Okinawan traditional music. Said to be the prototype of the shamisen.

  • Thumbnail for Subway schedule
    Subway schedule

    It's easy to figure out how long a trip will take if you're taking the subway or train in Japan... the schedules are eerily accurate.

  • Thumbnail for Vendors selling clothes on the sidewalk
    Vendors selling clothes on the sidewalk

    Vendors sell clothes off of blankets spread out in the sidewalk in Taiwan. Also a common sight on the streets in China.

  • Thumbnail for Reconstructed casting assembly for a bell
    Reconstructed casting assembly for a bell

    As shown in this diagram, a 'bo' bell required outer modls for the suspension loop at bottom, and for its top, a pair for the sides, and a core to occupy the interior, all locked together with keys fitted to mortises.

  • Thumbnail for Shakuhachi

    An end-blown bamboo flute that has no reed. Used to accompany folk songs and other traditional music, and also for performances of modern music.

  • Thumbnail for Red China's Chou Enlai
    Red China's Chou Enlai

    Cover of TIME magazine-- May 10, 1954; a smiling Chou Enlai is backed up by a blood-smeared dragon trying to break out from behind the "Bamboo Curtain."