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  • Thumbnail for Letters to Zheng Bangrui
    Letters to Zheng Bangrui

    In the three letters mounted together in this handscroll, which opens with an anonymous portrait of Wang Yangming, his calligraphy is sharp and angular, and the characters are vertically elongated. The brushwork appears rapid and agitated. Wang's calligraphy may reflect anxieties expressed in the content of the letters, which were addressed to his nephew Zheng Bangrui and can be dated to between 1523 and 1525. Wang writes of the burden of managing his family's affairs after the death of his father in 1522, the illness of his wife (who died in 1525) and his obligation to arrange the marriage of a niece. Together, these letters in Wang's own hand provide a rare glimpse into the everyday life of the noted philosopher.

  • Thumbnail for Mile Fo (Budai)
    Mile Fo (Budai)

    Stone Maitreya: The "kindly, laughing monk Budai who wanders the earth with his begging sack and prayer beads in order to offer help to the faithful. He tends to be found in the foyer of every temple, and he brings harmony, love, joy and well-being to the believers."

  • Thumbnail for Master puppeteer Lee Tien-Lu with puppets
    Master puppeteer Lee Tien-Lu with puppets

    Photo of Master Lee Tien-lu, an internationally known puppeteer, posing with two puppets.