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    A four-stringed instrument introduced from China in the 18th century. Plucked with picks (to the right). Used to accompany folksongs and other traditional music, and with instruments such as the koto.

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    Gagaku, the music and dance of the Japanese imperial court, is Japan's oldest performing art. A kangen ensemble (wind and strings) accompanies the dance. The main instruments are yokobue, sho.

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    Fan painting of the gods of wealth and long life

    A New Years Haiku. Text: "Shaved up and ready (Sori-tatete)/ Pines by the door and breezes, (kadomatsu kaze-ya)/ Happiness, Wealth, Long Life (Fukurokuju). [Signed] Buson [seal]"

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    Five-stringed musical instrument

    This five-string musical instrument decorated with mother-of-pearl and carved out of sandalwood is one of the items stored at the Shoso-in treasure house of Todai-ji. This is one example of the excellent, handcrafted articles brought to Japan.

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    The kangen ensmble plays the world's oldest orchestra music. See gagaku, soc000113.